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Friday, November 30, 2007

More Finished Works from OOPS "Paint Out"...

Bernie Rosage Jr...
6x8" Oil on Canvas Board

Dean Remington...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Some Finished Works from the Nov. "Paint Out"

This just in... some finished paintings from OOPS artists from the November "Paint Out" in Swansboro... More to come soon!

Mitchell Morton...
Donna Graham....
Donna Tyree...

Earl Tyree...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TECH TIP: How to Photograph Your Artwork

I find the easiest way to photograph my artwork to publish on the web is to simply shot a digital image of my work outside in the shade. Remember to hold the camera steady, turn off the flash, shot straight on, and make sure you are shooting in a solid shaded area (no dappled light).

Here are some great articles that explain the process in more detail...

"How to Photograph Art" by Dallas Art Revues

"Digital Abracadabra: Posting Your Art on the Web" by Scott Burkett from Wet Canvas

"How to Successfully Photograph Your Own Artwork" by Sylvia White

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finished paintings by Brenda Behr from November "Paint Out"

We were blessed to have artist Brenda Behr join us for our recent "Paint Out". She resides in Goldsboro and traveled to spend the day painting along the Carolina Coast and participate in our November outing. Her first painting was done on Emerald Isle before we started and her second one was done during the "paint out" on the small island between the bridges in Swansboro.

Shades of Emerald... by Brenda Behr... 16x20" en plein aire,

Shades of Mauve... by Brenda Behr... 18x24" en plein aire at OOPS
"Paint Out", 11-11-2007.

Although OOPS is made up of Onslow County artists we'd like to take this opportunity to stress that artists from the region can join us anytime... an open invitation is always extended to Brenda and any other regional artist. Come join us!
More finished works from OOPS artists will be posted within the next couple weeks... so stay tuned! I'll be away on a plein air trip to the Blue Ridge for ten days so please bear with any delays.
Thanks again Brenda! Visit Brenda's site here... Brenda Behr. She is also in the process of building a personal blog and promises to share with us once it is finished.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

December "Paint Out" Date and Location set...

Karen picked us out a great location for November in the picturesque coastal town of Swansboro... Stephen Greer has has equally picked a GREAT location for our next "Paint Out" in December... The Aman Farm.

It gives an artist many options to paint from... including an old country lane, tobacco barn, old cemetery, huge oak trees, and open fields. A beautiful spot which may not be around in the future with plans to four-lane Piney Green Road.

The location is near the corner of Piney Green and Old 30 Roads. Simply follow Piney Green Road and turn at the light onto Old 30 Road at the Kangaroo Quick Mart... (Old 30 meets Piney Green Road about half way between the length of Piney Green road which runs between Hwy 17 and Hwy 24). Once you turn the scene is immediately on your left with parking on the right hand side in Catherine Aman's yard. Catherine was kind enough to give us permission to paint on her private property and park at her house. Thanks Catherine! We bumped the time up to 1:00 PM since the time change and it's getting dark earlier.

Mark your calendar for December 9th at 1:00 PM... See ya there!

Photographer, Thomas Brock, shares his photos from our recent "Paint Out"

Photographer, Thomas Brock, shares his photos from our recent "Paint Out" in Swansboro. You can view them here. There are also some photos of a short walk through Swansboro with Cindy Archbell, another accomplished photographer who also enjoyed photographing the day.

Awesome work Thomas!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Had a BLAST at Swansboro "Paint Out"!!!!

OOPS members endured the brisk weather to enjoy another GREAT time of plein air painting together at our November "Paint Out" in Swansboro. Several new faces joined the ranks including artist Brenda Behr from Goldsboro. We met several people and were even interviewed by the Tideland News.

In addition to Brenda... the following artists were present...

Dean Remington
Karen Crenshaw
Donna Graham
Stephen Greer
Bernie Rosage Jr
Mitchell Morton
Earl and Donna Tyree
Pat Boni
Sandra and Gordon Adams
and Joseph ( a six year young artist).

A few of us gathered for a picture at the Otway Burns Statue...
Pictured left to right: Bernie, Dean, Karen, Mitchell, Donna, Stephen, Donna, and Earl.

Some new faces...



Earl and Donna
More photos and finished painting shots coming soon!

Monday, November 5, 2007

TRIVIA QUESTION??? about "OOPS Paint Out #2" this Sunday...

Do you know who the statue is of in the painting below and what he was noted for in history?

(answer below)

"Bicentennial Park", Swansboro, NC...6x8" Oil on Belgian Linen,
en plein aire, 3-29-2007 by Bernie Rosage Jr.

The small coastal town of Swansboro, North Carolina has a quaint friendly atmosphere aptly earning its nickname..."Friendly City by the Sea". The town was incorporated in 1783, and named for Samuel Swann, a former Speaker in the North Carolina legislature. The town's main attractions are its beautiful waterfront views and its quaint downtown, filled with boutiques, shops and delicious restaurants. One of its many beautiful spots is "Bicentennial Park" at the base of the Highway 24 bridge. It gives visitors a chance to fish in the White Oak River or relax and watch the water... not to mention a great place for an artist to set up his/her easel and paint away.

Trivia answers: Otway Burns, a local privateer who built the first steamboat in North Carolina. PLUS... this will be the very spot local artists will converge on Sunday, November 11, 2007 at 2:00 PM for OOPS "Paint Out #2".

Please mark your calendar and make plans to join us... See ya there!

The following artists plan to attend:
Bernie Rosage Jr
Dean Remington
Karen Crenshaw
Donna Graham
Randy Mills
Brenda Behr (artist from Goldsboro)
Stephen Greer
Mitchell Morton
Tracy Sorensen
Earl and Donna Tyree
Pat Boni
Wyn Easton (artist from Raleigh)
Sandra and Gordon Adams

Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Richard Schmid DVD coming November 13th!

Richard Schmid is one of the foremost painters living today. He paints from life and his work is something to behold. He is one of my favorite artists... his book "Alla Prima" is the single most important volume in my library of art books... its tattered pages attest to my ongoing use of it.

His purchase date for "White Pine" ... #4 in a series of landscape paintings is set for November 13th!

Check out his site and other instructional videos and books... Videos & DVD's

Plein Air quote of the week by Scott Burdick

Plein air paintings are life, and without them the rest of my work would die. Without it, I would have nothing to say in the studio, because without real-life experience, art is impossible. (Scott Burdick)

Check out Scott's website here: Susan Lyon and Scott Burdick