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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ARCHIVES of past "Paint Outs"

December 2011 ~ NO organized Paint Out ~ Please invite your fellow OOPS friends if you plan to paint somewhere!

January 22, 2012 ~ 1-5 pm (early birds can arrive at noon) ~ Annual Life Class ~ Model TBA ~ Jean Wenner Studio ~ Council for the Arts building, downtown Jacksonviile.







May 29, 2011 ~ 10am until 4pm ~ Annual OOPS Paint Out at Banks Party, Downtown Jacksonville at the Pelletier House on the waterfront




February 26, 2011 ~ OOPS Feb. Paint Out ~ Saturday 9am -4pm (or whenever you can attend) ~ White Oak High School, Piney Green Road ~ WOHS All County Art Students Workshop ~ Organized by Bernie Rosage



December 5, 2010 ~ OOPS Monthly Paint Out ~ Noon - until ~ Kit's House on the waterway in Carteret ~ We will have a Cookout ~ Click this link for details ~ Organized by Pat Boni

November 21, 2010 ~ OOPS Monthly Paint Out ~ Sunday from 1PM until ~ Humphrey Pond and Homeplace ~ Great opportunity for some fall color. Organized by Bernie Rosage... CLICK this link for details!

October 3-29, 2010 ~ OOPS Gallery Exhibit ~ Baysden Gallery, Council for the Arts, Jacksonville, NC

October 3, 2010 ~ Opening Reception Sunday, October 3th from 2:30pm till 4:00pm ~ OOPS II Exhibit Opens ~ Council for the Arts, New Bridge Street, Jacksonville, NC

October 10, 2010 ~ OOPS Monthly Paint Out ~ Sunday beginning at 1PM ~ Octagon House, Cedar Point, NC ~ Organized by Earl and Donna Tyree

September 11 and 12, 2010 ~ 8th Annual IPAP Worldwide Paint Out ~Downtown New Bern ~ participate when you can

August 21, 2010 ~ OOPS Monthly Paint Out ~ Saturday Night... 6PM until ~ NOCTURNAL ~ Bicentennial Park, Swansboro... Meet at the Otway Burns Statue

March 14, 2010 ~ OOPS Monthly Paint Out ~ Sunday @ 1PM until ~ Between the Bridges on the south side of New River, Downtown Jacksonville

February 21, 2010 ~ Sunday @ Council for the Arts building, downtown Jacksonville ~ 1 PM ~ Free Workshop for OOPS members by Bernie Rosage Jr ~ TOPIC: Color Theory... Practical tips on COLOR for the plein air artist

January 10, 2010, Sunday 1-4PM @ Council for the Arts building, New Bridge Street in Jacksonville ~ We will have a live model to paint ~ Donations accepted but not required to pay model

December 1 - January 1, 2010 ~ OOPS House Art Exhibit ~ Rio Arts and Coffee Cafe ~ 259 Sneads Ferry Road, Sneads Ferry, NC

December 13, 2009 ~ Sunday @ 1PM @ Turtle Factory Too, 318 Fulchers Landing Road, Sneads Ferry. NC ~ Rain or Shine ~ Inside or out... your choice ~ organized by Steve Lambert

November 15, 2009 ~ OPPS Monthly Paint Out ~ Sunday @ 1:00 PM ~ Northeast Creek Park Boat Ramp, Jacksonville, NC

October 25 - November 29, 2009 ~ OOPS Yopp House Art Exhibit ~ Thurston Art Gallery, Sneads Ferry, NC

October 11, 2009 ~ OOPS Monthly Paint Out ~ Sunday, October 11, 2009 @ 1:00 PM ~ Historic Yopps Meeting House, Sneads Ferry, NC ~ Organized by Stephen Greer, Bernie Rosage, and Sherry Thurston. (Rain date October 18th)

September 12, & 13, 2009 ~ OOPS Monthly Paint Out ~ IPAP Worldwide Paint Out ~ New Bern, NC... Meet at the Gazebo in Union Point Park @ 9:00 AM each morning ~

August 30, 2009 ~ OOPS Monthly Paint Out ~ Sunday @ 1:00 PM ~ Cedar Fork area (Between Richlands and Beulaville) ~ Tarkil Branch Homestead & Museum ~ Organized by Eileen Garbett

July 11, 2009 ~ OOPS Monthly Paint Out ~ Saturday (all day) ~ Downtown Trenton, NC ~ Trenton 200th Birthday Celebration Event ~ Organized by K and Willow Faye

June 13, 2009 ~ OOPS Monthly Paint Out ~ Saturday Paint Out 10AM until ~ Arts by the Sea Festival, Downtown Swansboro, NC ~ We have permission and clearence this year!

May 24, 2009 ~ OOPS Monthly Paint Out ~ Sunday 10AM-4PM ~ Banks Party ~ Pellitier House, Downtown Jacksonville ~ Annual Event

April 30 & May 1, 2009 ~ Paint Out ~ 9AM-5PM on Thursday and Friday (Festival on the Neuse on Friday and Saturday) ~ 2nd Annual Kinston Plein Air Paint Out sponsored by the Kinston Arts Council, Kinston, NC

April 19, 2009 ~ OOPS Monthly Paint Out ~ Sunday @ 1:00 PM ~ Cedar Point Park ~ Carteret,NC (just past Swansboro) Click for map and details.

March 15, 2009 ~ Sunday @ 1:00 PM ~ Old Downtown Richlands

February 8, 2009 ~ Sunday @ 1:00 PM ~ Paint Out at a JUNK YARD (Odums Garage) near Queen's Creek ~ Organized by Donna Graham ~ Click HERE for map.

January 11, 2009 ~ Coastal Carolina Community College, Western Blvd., Jacksonville, NC (meet in the parking lot of the new "Cool Shaped" building) ~ Possible indoor still life from life if inclement weather at nearby Audio Plus ~ Organized by Bernie Rosage

December 14, 2008 ~ Sunday @ 1:00 PM ~ White Oak River Campground & Fishing Lakes in Maysville ~ Organized by Patsy Lain

November 16, 2008 ~ Sunday @ 1:00 PM ~ Meet Pat Boni at Visitor's Center at Main Gate Camp Lejeune to gain access to board base where we will go paint at the beach!

October 25-26, 2008 ~ "Paint Out in the Park" Competition ~ Soundside Park, Surf City, NC ~ Sponsored by the Surf City Art Guild

October 26, 2008, 1:00 PM ~ OOPS Paint Out ~ Soundside Park, Surf City, NC

September 6-7, 2008 ~ International Plein Air Painters Organization ~ 6th WORLDWIDE Artist Paint Out ~ New Bern, NC with Plein Air Groups from Oriental and Washington

August 17, 2008, Sunday 1 PM ~ Miracle Meadows Farm, Ramsey Road, Jacksonville, NC

July 20, 2008 ~ Sunday 1:00 PM ~ Hammocks Beach State Park, Swansboro, NC

June 14 ~ Saturday, June 14, 2008, Downtown Swansboro. CANCELLED!!!

June 2008 ~ OOPS Gallery Show at Council for the Arts

May 25, 2008 ~ OOPS Plein Air Painters needed to paint at the Pelletier House for Annual "Banks Party" 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
May 3-4 ~ ~Saturday, May 3, 2008 anytime from 10 AM until and/or Sunday, May 4, 2008 ~ (8:00 AM) Civil War Encampment, Onslow County Museum, Richlands
April 25-26 Kinston, NC ~ The Community Council for the Arts in Kinston, NC, will present the inaugural Plein Air Paint Out and Juried Exhibition.
April 13, 2008 ~ Beirut Memorial, Jacksonville
March 16, 2008 ~ Urban Scene, Jacksonville Old Train Depot, Downtown Jacksonville
Feb 10, 2008 ~ Faulkner Estate, Intracoastal Waterway from inside boathouse (out of elements) ~ Queens Creek
Jan 20th, 2008 ~ Heart's Desire Equine Rescue, Bear Creek
Dec 9, 2007 ~ The Aman Farm
Nov 11, 2007 ~ Otway Burns Statue, Downtown Swansboro
Oct 14, 2007 ~ Pelletier House

Monday, January 28, 2008

Finished artwork from January '08 "Paint Out"

More works coming SOON...
Click on images to see larger version...
Bernie Rosage Jr.
9x12" Oil on Panel

Donna Tyree

Earl Tyree

Mitchell Morton

Pat Boni
Dean Remington

Patsy Lain

Kathi Lenn

Friday, January 25, 2008

Al and Barney by Patsy Lain

Patsy Kennedy Lain

Windy, cool morn, sun brightly shining, cars move slowly down the dirt path,
people climb from their cars, bringing out wooden easels, paints.
Cold, bundled, they near white fences, peruse the many fenced pastures,
scour the area, watching for a perfect scene to paint.
Cameras flash, pictures are taken, socializing the painters watch movements,
and stand positioned with brushes and paints in hand.
Two ponies, Al and Barney, saunter their way to the white picket-like fence,
that surrounds their part of the pasture near the red barn.
Sure one of the painters was carrying or bringing some food,
the ponies hung on the inside fenced parameter hoping to be fed.
Al, the white pony and larger, Barney the brown, shorter and friendlier,
plead with those big beautiful longing brown eyes for attention.
Barney’s huge brown eyes blinked lovingly, as one painter leaned on the fence,
gently caressing them both, talking sweetly to them.
Both ponies pleaded with their eyes, gesturing for continuous attention,
receiving pats and rubs many times, but not enough.
Gaining the attention of the painters, the two ponies continued bumping the
painters for caresses, but there was no food or treats, just touches.
The painters moved from the fence, the ponies watched, paint brushes began
dabbling onto the canvases, creation leaped suddenly forward.
Some of the painters painted, one drew with pencil, another used pastels,
but all were being creative in the pastures of the equine rescue.
Each time one of the painters took a break, walking to the fence,
Al and Barney rushed over for another rub, a simple touch.
The sketching painter with drawing pad leaned on the fence catching a pose,
nibbling Barney butted eagerly for some action, trying to eat the pad.
The painters painted there in the pasture for the entire afternoon,
cooler wind arrived and began blowing around them.
Al and Barney watched with hunger and sadness as the painters packed to go,
climbed in their cars and left them standing there.
But, they knew someone would return as they had been rescued,
here they had shelter, friends and food.

Patsy's plein air sketch from her first outing with OOPS 1-20-08

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Congrats to Mitchell and Penny!... WoHoo!

Join me in Congratulating Granddaddy Mitchell and Grandma (Mammy) Penny on the birth of their new grandson, Roland. Baby Roland was born January 12, 2008... weighed in at 7 lbs (on the dot), and was 21 inches long.

A future plein air painter I'm sure!

Meet OOPS Artist... Patsy Lain

Artist ~ Patsy Lain

Once again, I visit this talent of art -- welcoming it back from years past -- but with much more joy and enthusiasm. Retirement has afforded me the pleasure of finding the time to passionately enjoy this talent from my youth as well as take a pen in hand and write. Both bring forth peacefulness and serene feelings, as well as an avenue of escape from the mundane acts of life itself. I am self-taught; and, I dedicate my art and writing talents to my mother, who had an unclaimed talent that was never expressed or acknowledged. OOPS is providing me with an opportunity to do something I always wanted to do, paint outside! I plan to do a lot of just that!

Meet OOPS Artist... Kathi Lenn

Artist ~ Kathi Lenn

Bio coming soon...

Meet OOPS Artist... Pat Boni

Artist ~ Pat Boni

Pat Boni is a retired Art Educator. She taught art in Onslow Count School system for 15 years. She graduated from ECU with a Masters Degree in Art Education. Pat is currently working in water colors and finds them particularly challenging. She finds the coast of North Carolina's full of interesting structures, beautiful reflections and mysterious history.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Great turnout by OOPS members at January "FREEZE Out / Paint Out"

These brave souls withstood the COLD temps yesterday at the January "Paint Out" at Heart's Desire Equine Rescue to do what they love... paint in plein air!

Pictured left to right: Dean (10 gallon hat), Bernie, Earl, Donna T., Stephen, Donna G., Mitchell (hiding behind Donna) Pat, Kathi, Karen, and Patsy.

The temp was in the mid 30's with a brisk breeze that made it feel like low 20's... The trees broke the wind and made the day very bearable and ENJOYABLE!

Karen showing off her new gloves!
Mitchell painted a "10 Gallon Hat" with Dean in it!

We drew a crowd... a rather nice bunch I might add!
After the "Paint Out" we gathered (except for the die hard football fans) at the Red Barn for a great meal and fellowship. We discussed the day and critiqued (rather discussed) each others work... a tradition I hope continues.
We'll share the finished works soon...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Extreme COLD "Paint Out" Challenge for tomorrow...

Dear friends...
As you know... the weather is supposed to be extremely cold tomorrow for our paint out... what a challenge! I would like to remind everyone to dress warm by layering... Also a warm hat and gloves are a must. I'm pretty sure that we have access to working in or near the barns to get out of the wind which will be the major chill factor.
The forecast is calling for cold rain today (happening as I type this)

turning to a mixture of snow tonight with freezing temps and ice.
Tomorrow is partly cloudy in the AM and then clear and cold by noon. The temp is supposed to be around 38 degrees around the time we start with 10-20 MPH winds making it feel like 29 degrees.
My major concern is ICE on the roads tomorrow... if that is the case... for those that can't make it for safety reasons (or just because it is COLD) my paint out challenge to you is this...
Plein Air paint in your own yard or near your home. You may even plein air paint from the warmth of your living room by painting a scene outside your window. Many plein air artists work from inside their cars in extreme conditions.
I'm hoping for NO ice so I can plein air paint with my pards that are able to make it to Heart's Desire Equine Rescue tomorrow. For those of you who can't make it... I look forward to seeing the paintings from your neck of the woods.
Be careful...

Dress for extreme COLD tomorrow.... A note from Karen.

I just got back from Wal-Mart and found a great pair of gloves for painting in the cold. In the boy's dept., they have some grey knitted (and insulated) "fisherman's" gloves, with the cut out fingers. Only $3.00 on sale! If anyone in the group has kind of small hands, the boy's large even fits me. Just thought since it will be so cold on Sunday.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An IMPORTANT message from Donna about our "Paint Out" this Sunday...


I have a NEW cell phone number (VS the one published on hand-drawn map).
Pls make a note of it and feel free to use it if you get lost on way to Equine Rescue this coming Sunday (1/20). My new # is: 910-358-6642

See you there!!!!! (…looks like it might be ch-ch-chilly!)

Txs, Donna Graham

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Details (and Map) for January 20th "Paint Out"

OOPS January plein air "Paint Out"

Sunday, January 20, 2008 at 1:00 PM


Heart's Desire Equine Rescue (Click on Map below for directions)


Because we love to paint en plein aire!

What Else?:

Dutch Treat dinner afterward at The Red Barn Restaurant.

Click HERE for more details...

Click on map to enlarge...

See you all on the 20th!

Brenda Behr exhibit at Greenville (NC) Museum of Art... Januray 25, 2008.

Friend and fellow artist, Brenda Behr, is having her first museum show that opens at the Greenville (NC) Museum of Art on January 25.

Click here to see the featured paintings... all 24"x 30"... Painted mostly en plein air (on location), Behr's Hwy 13 oil paintings reflect the spontaneity with which they were painted. On a sunny day with the light constantly changing, the artist's challenge is to paint fast and ala prima (first stroke). Behr invites you to travel with her on a sentimental journey of her paintings of scenes that extend on U.S. Route 13 from Newton Grove to Greenville, North Carolina.

Congrats Brenda... what a great way to start out the new year!

Need Your Ideas for 2008...

Dear fellow OOPS artists...

Happy New Year... here's to a GREAT 2008!

Please use the comments section of THIS post to list any ideas you may have for our group this year...

Ideas such as "paint out" locations, dates, workshops, trips, or anything in general that you come up with.

Many of you have recommended locations outside of the county... that is fine for an added "paint out" but I feel with the upcoming show in June that we need to stick to locations within Onslow County since that is how the show is promoted. However... we can take a plein air trip and paint anywhere.

I can't wait to hear your ideas...


Onslow County "paint out" location ideas:
~ Haybales at a local farm on Ramsey Road in September.
~ Street Scene (Urban) of the New City Hall on New Bridge Street.
~ The Averitt House (Historical site at Catherine's Lake).
~ Palo Alto Plantation on Belgrade/Swansboro Road.

Plein Air Trip ideas:
~ Catch the Ferry at Cedar Island for a day long plein air trip to Ocrakoke Island.
~ Draw Bridge in Surf City

Various ideas for the group:
~ Paint a nocturnal (night) scene.
~ Paint urban scenes.
~ Have a live model pose for the COLD weather months (Jan/Feb).
~ Set up a still life for the COLD weather months.
~ Have a workshop during the COLD weather months.
~ Take a trip to the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh together.