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Active OOPS Artists:
Bernie Rosage Jr.
Karen Crenshaw
Stephen Greer
Mitchell Morton
Dean Remington
Asun Purnell
Patsy Lain
Jim Phillips
Ann Lees
Anthony Lees
Jim McIntosh
Kathy Bunn
Bernie Rosage Sr.
Laura Hartly
Jennifer Mishoe
Cathy Ackerman
Suzan Wallace
Robert Rigsby
Kevin Blews

Inactive OOPS Artists:
Veronica Campos-Hallstrom
John and Renee Herlong
LeAnne Avery
Charles Miller
Paul Krauss
Kass Patselas
Bonnie Rogers
Bobbie Mayes
Jon Mayes
Willow Faye
K. Rowland
Kit Williamson
Patrick Raynor
Tom McKenny
Steve Lambert
Sherry Thurston
Donna Graham
Michael Hart
Olivia Rosage
Pat Boni
Earl and Donna Tyree
Gordon Adams
Eileen Garbett
Ellen Elder
Kathi Lenn
Gwyn Korpi
Sara Gant
CJ Baumann
Donnie Wilson
Gail Taylor

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