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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In Memory of Barbara Hesketh...

The family of plein air painters in Eastern NC lost a dear friend, Barbara Hesketh... She painted with the OOPS group on several occasions and will be sorely missed by those who knew her...

John Hanley's tribute below says it all!
Barbara Hesketh, friend and fellow artist, after a strong fight, finally gave in to her struggle with cancer. She was known for her spectacular, sometimes moody, sky vistas and I guess she has her brushes with her because this sky was outside our front door tonight.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Understanding Aerial Perspective... A MUST for Landscape Painters!

I shared this with my class and thought you all may enjoy it. Understanding and using aerial/atmospheric perspective is an essential tool in the landscape painters toolbox.
The image alone speaks volumes... FYI... Bernie

Aerial or atmospheric interference with visual perception causes loss of contrast, detail and sharp focus. The effect, which Leonardo called "the perspective of disappearance," tends to make objects seem to take on a blue-gray middle value as they increase in distance. This effect is used by film makers to give the illusion of great depth, but can be used to great effect by painters and draftsmen. The illustration above shows loss of color saturation, contrast, and detail as the cubes fall further away from the viewer. Here is a list of attributes that objects have as they recede in space:
SIZE OF OBJECTS-smaller objects seem farther away (distortions can occur if objects are the same size or too close to the viewer).
OVERLAPPING OR SUPERIMPOSING-by partially covering one object with another it gives an appearance of depth (distortions also occur if viewer is too close).
TEXTURE-density increases as an object gets further away.
SPACING-objects clustered closer together seem farther away. Horizontal lines which get closer as they near the horizon line appear to be defining a recession in space.
FOCUS-objects lose detail as they recede into space.
BRIGHTNESS-objects are brighter when closer to the viewer, except for reflective surfaces.
SHADE AND SHADOW-darker shadows seem closer especially if overlapping other shadows.
UPWARD ANGULAR LOCATION-creates depth if juxtaposed to ground and sky lines, e.g. tall buildings.
COLOR-color intensity is much greater closer to the viewer and tends toward medium gray as it recedes.
Hint: As objects recede away from the viewer in atmospheric perspective, bright whites and rich blacks tend toward medium gray and eventually disappear into a blue/gray background. Even colors have greater intensity closer to a viewer than they do further away.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

OOPS July Paint Out set for July 20th at Sturgeon City Park

WHAT: OOPS!  JULY 2014 Paint Out organized by Jim Phillips.

WHEN: Sunday, July 20, 2014, from Noon until...

WHERE: Sturgeon City Park, Downtown Jacksonville. Click link for directions and images. Great
 elevated views of Wilson Bay... Plus pathways, marshes, sawgrass, trees. etc...

WHY: Simply put... we LOVE gathering with like minded artists and painting outdoors!

Newbies welcome... all mediums and skill levels... simply show up with your gear and be prepared to have fun! No worries... there are NO art-snobs in our group!

What the heck is OOPS and how do I join the FUN? 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

July and August Paint Outs...

We still need someone to organize our July Paint Out... any suggestions?

August paint out... We will beat the heat by doing a nocturnal plein air outing in downtown Swansboro on Saturday, August 9th (Full moon is on the 10th). The CCPAP group plan to join us. We can meet for dinner at 4pm (place TBA) and then paint afterwards. Mark your calendar for this special paint out.

The Die-Hards were painting in the Swansboro Flood today...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Paint Out this Saturday at the "Arts by the Sea" Festival in Swansboro...

OOPS Paint Out this Saturday at the "Arts by the Sea" Festival in Downtown Swansboro. This is a floating paint out meaning that you come paint when you can between 8am until... We originally talked about doing a nocturnal scene there but did not get enough response so we opted to paint only during the day. We will schedule a nocturnal paint out at a later date this summer.

MAX EFFORT EVENT ~ OOPS June Paint Out - Saturday, June 14, 2014 ~ 8am - Until - Downtown Swansboro, NC - "Arts by the Sea" Festival in Swansboro.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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