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Saturday, April 23, 2016

May Plein Air dates in North Carolina from Scott Boyle.

Hi Painters,

Here’s our May 2016 update for upcoming North Carolina Plein Air events.  I hope you are able to get out with friends and paint during one of these great events!

May 7, 2016 - 3rd Annual “Paint the Town” Paint Out - Carey, NC

May 7, 2016 - Plein Air Competition and Wet Paint Sale - Beaufort, NC

May 9-13, 2016 - Albert Handell plein air workshop - Matthews, NC

May 11-13, 2016 - Guido Frick plein air workshop - Asheville, NC

May 14, 2016 - 10 Annual TRAC Paint Out - Burnsville, NC

May 24-26, 2016 - Kathie Odom plein air workshop - Oxford, NC

May 26-29, 2016 - Mike Rooney plein air workshop - Columbia, NC

May 28-Jul 9 - Plein Air Exhibit - Morehead City, NC

I will leave you with this PBS special on NC Museum of Art’s Exhibition: “Childe Hassam & the Isles of Shoals”
I hope this will wet your appetite to view it in person.  The Exhibit runs through June 19.  If you want to see great juxtaposition of color in oil paint, Hassam had it going on!

Happy Painting,
Scott Boyle

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bernie Rosage Jr.

Bernie Rosage Jr. is a native of Onslow County, North Carolina, where he resides with his wife, Tami, their children and grandchildren. Bernie’s passion for art started at an early age and continues as a self taught artist. He likes the term "self motivated to be taught" as he works hard to fuel his passion of oil painting. With an appreciation for the simple things in life,  he states... "Many artists thrive with creativity in times of turmoil... I'm just the opposite... give me peace and harmony and the creative juices flow much easier... That is why I love working from life and enjoying nature". One of his favorite ways to paint is on location en plein aire... the French term literally translates in open air. He has also joined the ranks of the "painting a day" art movement bringing everyday objects to life in fresh and artistic ways. His painterly approach to color and texture adds to his unique sense of style, best defined as Impressionistic Realism. His subjects are often personal and convey feelings of peace, serenity, and nostalgia. "I am drawn to country roads, marshlands, cottages, barns, trees, open fields, flowing rivers, etc... anything that eludes to a peaceful, calming feeling when viewed," states Rosage. His paintings are a wonderful culmination of sensitivity and skill and are collected throughout the United States, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Founder of the Onslow Outdoor Painters Society (OOPS)
Owner/Operator Onslow Art Expressions
North Carolina Plein Air Painters
Southern Plein Air Painters Guild
Onslow Art Society
Blue Ridge Art Clan
Council for the Arts 
Daily Painters Movement Group
Plein Air Painters Forum
"Plein Eire" Painters of Ireland
Online Artists Forum at
Jacksonville High School Visual Arts Department
Baxter's Fine Arts Gallery
Todd Mercantile Gallery
Etsy Original Artists Group
Fine Arts America

Bernie's Website 
Bernie's JHS Website
Bernie's Art Blog ~ Artistic Release
Bernie's Ireland Blog ~ Enchanting Ireland
Bernie's Facebook
Bernie's Etsy Store
Bernie's Prints at Fine Art America
Onslow Art Expressions
OOPS! (Onslow Outdoor Painters Society)
North Carolina Plein Air Painters
Plein Erie
Southern Plein Air Painters
Plein Air Artists
Baxter's Fine Arts Gallery
Daily Painters Marketplace
Daily Painters Movement

Patsy Kennedy Lain

Patsy Kennedy Lain lives in Hubert, NC.  She joined OOPS in 2008 after semi-retiring and continues to paint weekly.  Patsy opened a gallery, PAINTING 4 CHARITY, in 2015 to sell those accumulating paintings for charity.  Her gallery is located in the Bargain Barn Flea Mall, 859 Freedom Way, Hubert, NC, and all proceeds are donated to the Onslow County Hungry/Homeless Children, now the Chew and Solutions Programs through United Way, in Jacksonville, NC and the Ronald McDonald House in Durham, NC.   Patsy has received several awards in the past, but no longer enters shows in order to concentrate on her primary passions to paint and write. 

Patsy Kennedy Lain

Friday, April 1, 2016

Asun Purnell

I was born in Madrid. I remember getting fascinated with pencils, paper, color pencils, watercolor paint, etc when i was a little girl. I copied a Walt Disney deck of cards in a drawing pad, that i still have, and others cartoons from the comic books. My oldest brother Angel was also painting and getting prizes at the poster contest at the school, i got inspired by him to keep painting and drawing. I grew up and graduated with a major in Biology. I did not take any art classes until later. I had a very special teacher, Nelly Ryvkin, who taught me how to make etchings, monotypes, as well as become better in perspective and color. I used to go with my friend inside the art classes at the University of Madrid, where we had the opportunity to draw with a nude model. Since then i have been painting on and off. I moved to the States after i married, and have been here since then. I paint as much as i can because i enjoy it. I actually joined a painting group in my town, and i have a chance to paint in plein aire.

You can check my artwork  or

I am also in facebook  Asuncion Purnell, Sunny creations

Last Call for Plein Air Artists to Sign up for Art Block

To my Plein Air Artist friends... Can't wait to start the Plein Air Event season off at Art Block in Downtown Jacksonville on April 14-16th.
If you haven't registered yet... please don't miss this one! Hope you can join us for our Art Block Plein Air Paint Out….
Intro to Art Block Paint Out....

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