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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

World Wide Paint Out in New Bern UPDATE....

This just in from Susan Cheatham ...

Paint Out
SEPTEMBER 6 and 7, 2008
New Bern, NC

International Plein Air Painters 6th Annual World Wide Paint Out Event in beautiful downtown New Bern, NC… All artists are invited to participate to share ideas and to paint with other artists in this world wide event…All media welcome…The paint out is happening simultaneously in international locations around the world and all over America …hosted by IPAP based in Niagra Falls, NY…Come paint throughout the town…meet at Union Point Park Complex, Saturday and Sunday at 9am for group meeting and coordinate this two day paint out. Park address is 210 E. Front Street, meet near the Gazebo to pick up scenic location map.

Contact and more information:
Art Tyndall
Tyndall Gallery, Washington, NC

Susan Cheatham
Oriental Plein Air Painters, Pamlico County, NC

Bernie Rosage, Jr.
OOPS Jacksonville, NC email in side bar...

Please click here... IPAP Paint OUt 2008 Poster.doc ... and print out flyers to get the word out...

Friday, August 22, 2008

6th WORLDWIDE Plein Air Paint Out

Sponsored and by the
International Plein Air Painters Organization
September 5-6-7, 2008

Who: All plein air painters are invited to participate. You do not have to be a member of IPAP but, you must register and help spread the word by publicity and word of mouth to other plein air painters. (Details for Eastern North Carolina artists below)

When: September 6-7, 2008

Where: Downtown New Bern, NC
Worldwide in organized official groups, pocket groups and individuals painting as part of the 6th annual IPAP paint out.

To register: There is no registration fee.
Go to http://i-p-a-p.comand/ fill out the form - please include full name, affiliations, location, who you will be painting with, what publicity you can assist with.

We need your input to make this a success!

Dear OOPS artists and any artist in the Eastern North Carolina area...
Please join us in beautiful Downtown New Bern, North Carolina on Saturday, September 6, and Sunday, September 7, 2008 to do our part in promoting plein air painting worldwide. These two dates will coincide with the dates set by the IPAP and we have the honor of sharing this experience with our plein air buddies from Oriental and Washington, NC. We decided on New Bern for it's historical significance, southern charm and beauty plus the fact it is centrally located for the three groups. We extend an invitation to our friends in the Greenville plein air group and any artist wishing to join in on the fun... all mediums and skill levels welcome.

Be sure to go to this link and register...

Saturday, September 5, 2008. (9AM ~ Until)
The plan is to meet at Union Point Park (Downtown New Bern along the waterfront) at 9:00 AM and then plan out the day. The Park address is 210 E. Front Street, plan to meet near the Gazebo to pick up scenic location map. We can scatter out and paint throughout the waterfront or downtown area... everything is within close proximity and one can easily get around by foot or car. There are plenty of cafes, etc... to grab a bite to eat.

Sunday, September 6, 2008. (9AM ~ Until)
The plan for Sunday is to meet again at Union Point Park... Park address is 210 E. Front Street, meet near the Gazebo to pick up scenic location map. Once again... you have the option to scatter and paint where you would like as this area is also close to the historiacl downtown area of New Bern. We are starting early because most of the OOPS artists from Onslow County have to be back in Jacksonville for an artists reception at the Council for the Arts and the OAS Images Show... this gives the OOPS bunch from 8AM until about 1PM to paint.

We look forward to the camaraderie we will share and the special honor of keeping the tradition of painting "En Plein Aire" alive. Once the event is over... we can gather (through email) images of all the paintings for an online exhibit to be hosted on this site.

A special thank you to Susan Cheatham for organizing the times and locations!

Please click here to comment and let us know your name, location, and what days and times you plan to paint.

This will serve as our September Piant Out for the OOPS members... make plans to attend.

Hope to see everyone there!

Thanks in advance....

Bernie Rosage Jr.
Check out this online tour of New Bern... .... Use them to familiarize yourself with the historic neighborhoods, sites, and attractions prior to visiting.

Donna Graham highlighted in the Daily News recently PLUS Cool event Sunday at the Council for the Arts.

Check out this special event and the newspaper article...
Recognize one of the ladies in the Daily News photo?
Congrats Donna!

Click on image to enlarge...

Read more about this project, the authors, and the poets in this online Daily News article by ANIESA HOLMES...

A new chapter for talent.... Council for Arts publishes book with local writers

Monday, August 18, 2008

August Paint Out: Miracle Meadows was a PRIMO spot...

OOPS artists enjoyed a beautiful spot to paint and the company of some new friends. Stephen and Donna G. pictured below painting away...

Our host, Linda and Miracle Meadows, were very gracious. Here's some of the group that painted Sunday... LtoR: Donna T., Mitchell, Penny, Donna G., Stephen, Patsy, Bernie, Mackenzie, Olivia, ???, and Dean. Not pictured... Eileen and our new friends... Art from Washington, plus Susan and John from Oriental.

Bernie's spot...

Mackenzie and Olivia joined in on the fun...

Patsy moved to her van when it began to drizzle.

Donna T. posing with her usual smile.

Dean really dressed up for the paint out... actually he had to leave to take photos at a wedding but returned...

Our new friend, Susan, artist from Oriental, NC.

Another new friend, John, an artist also from Oriental. Sorry John... this was the only shot I had of you. Seems the ones I took earlier of you painting and the ones of Art Tyndall did not turn out... sorry Art. Art is an artist from Washington, NC... check out his website... HERE!

The two Dudettes (Mackenzie and Olivia) had a blast the whole time... poor Linda... they had to wear her OUT! She's pictured below with them...
More info and finished paintings to come....
Be sure to check out Art Tyndall's webpage... he has some photos from the outing HERE...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Centura Bank Exhibit...

The call for OOPS artists for the Centura Bank Exhibit has been answered and is full... with one alternate.

Thanks everyone!

We'll include photos and details of the exhibit once it starts....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

OOPS Art Exhibit at Centura Bank

The Onslow Art Society has asked OOPS to have an exhibit at the Centura Bank in Richlands, NC. The exhibit calls for eight plein air paintings which will be on display for two months... September and October. Several members left pieces at the Council for the Arts for Connie Burke to hang for this show.

According to Connie they are...
Steve Greer-Faulkner Estate
Karen Crenshaw-Swansboro Dock
Donna Graham- Peletier House
Bernie Rosage- Downtown Swansboro
Patsy Lain- Commemorative Stone
Mitchell Morton - Civil War Encampment, Richlands

She needs two more paintings from two different OOPS artists...

If you are interested let me know by responding to this thread...

1st come 1st served...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Paint Out this Sunday... Dean will be there early if anyone wants to come earlier...

Just a reminder that our August Paint Out is this Sunday the 17th at 1:00 PM. Dean wants everyone to know that he will be there at 10:00 AM if anyone wants to come early to beat the heat... well if anyone wants to come early... don't think we can beat the heat!

The Paint Out location is Miracle Meadows... details and directions HERE.

If anyone is open to a challenge for the Paint Out... I have one! We have been studying the old master, Anders Zorn, at Wet Canvas for the August/September Master of the Month (MOM) and I plan to use Zorn's limited palette. If anyone wishes to join me it should prove challenging and rewarding. A good test for someone unsure of their current palette choices... one can learn a lot about mixing colors from a limited palette and gain color harmony as a bonus.

The Zorn Palette is basically a primary palette with a low chroma blue (ivory black), a low chroma yellow (yellow ochre), and a high chroma red (vermillion, or, today, cad. red light) plus white. Ivory black in Zorn's day was said to have had more blue properties so many modern day artists add a bit of ultramarine blue to their ivory black... I plan to do this.

New Modified Zorn Palette:
Cad Red Light
Ivory Black w/Ultramarine Blue
Yellow Ochre
Titanium White

The Zorn Palette was:
Ivory Black
Yellow Ochre
Zinc White

I look forward to seeing everyone Sunday!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finished paintings from July Paint Out

Here are some finished works from the July Paint Out at Hammocks Beach park...

Donna Tyree...

Earl Tyree...

anyone else???