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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years from OOPS...

The artists of the Onslow Outdoor Painters Society wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2008!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Plein Air artist and friend, Mike Rooney, starts blog to document his adventures!

Regional artist and friend, Mike Rooney, has stepped into cyber space a bit farther by starting a blog. He plans to share his thoughts and plein air adventures on it.

Click here to visit Mike's Blog... be sure to leave a comment..
Mike Rooney Studios
A place to show my most recent paintings and chronicle my life as a plein air landscape painter. Hope you enjoy it!

Mike and Bernie at Mike's solo show at the Baysden Gallery earlier this year...

If you ever get a chance to attend one of Mike's workshops... do so... you won't regret it!

Check out Mike's webpage and workshop schedule here...
Mike Rooney Studios

Mike plans to join us for a few "Paint Outs" when his schedule allows.

Mike lit a fire under me by double-daring me to paint 100 paintings. I've painted over 200 since his challenge in October 2006. Thanks Mike!


PS... Brenda... It's your turn... ;)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finished Art Work from December '07 "Paint Out"

Karen Crenshaw

Eileen Garbett

Donna Tyree

Earl Tyree

Bernie Rosage Jr...

9x12" Oil on Panel

Mitchell Morton...


Dean Remington...

More to come...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

January 2008 "Paint Out" set for the 20th at Heart's Desire Equine Rescue, Inc.

A note from Donna...

We’ve done historical sites, coastal scenes, and pastoral/barn scenes. Now, it’s time to see how we do with animals!

I have arranged for OOPS to meet at 1:00 PM on Sunday, 20 Jan 07, at HEART’S DESIRE EQUINE RESCUE located on Hogan’s Road in Bear Creek -- Hubert is the mailing address. Hogan’s Rd is also locally known as Hatteras Yacht Rd/ Tiara Yacht Road – where the boat-builder company is located in Bear Creek.

Also, The Red Barn Restaurant (traditional/fried seafood) is about 2 miles from the rescue stables; and, those who like could go for an after-paint gnosh (Dutch treat); they also have burgers and dogs if one prefers this over seafood.

Looking forward to another great outing!

~Donna G

Map to our "Paint Out" destination... (Click map to enlarge)...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

January "Paint Out" scheduled for Sunday, January 20, 2008 at 1:00 PM.

Our next "Paint Out" is set for Sunday, January 20, 2008 at 1:00 PM. Donna Graham is picking the location but is waiting for approval by the landowner. We will publish the location as soon as possible but wanted to get the date out to you so you can mark your calendar!

Meet OOPS Artist... Eileen Garbett

Artist ~ Eileen Garbett

Eileen graduated from Lenoir Community College in the spring of 2007, with an AAS in Early Childhood Education. Upon completing her school work, she was able to pursue her long-time love of art. Eileen says, “I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember.”

She spends a great deal of time outdoors enjoying God’s creation, canoeing, geocaching and hiking with her husband of over 25 years, Bob. When she is indoors, she can be found in her kitchen creating edible works of art. The outside art experience of OOPS brings her love of art and the outdoors together.

She is an active member of New Hope Baptist Church, near Beulaville, where Bob serves as pastor. Eileen and Bob have a son who attends Campbell University studying Professional Golf Management.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

January and Feburary "Paint Outs" TBA SOON!

I have received several emails from folks who saw us painting at the Aman Farm Sunday wanting to join us on our next "Paint Out"...

Again... I'd like to extend an open invitation to any artist in the area to join us. We will have dates and locations listed here soon for the next "Paint Outs"... so stay tuned!

All mediums and levels are welcome!

Sunday we had several photographers join us along with artists working in oils, acrylics, watercolor, charcoal, and graphite... where are the pastel artists hiding?

Join in on the fun. The "Paint Outs" are not instructional events although a wealth of knowledge can be gleaned from watching artists at work. We do share ideas, techniques, etc... but encourage artists to learn or sharpen their plein air skills by doing... the experience of plein air work alone is worth the trip out. We may even kick around the idea of doing instructional workshops in the future... ;)

If you are one of those artist interested in joining us email me (see sidebar) so I can put you on our update list.

Have a great day...

Meet OOPS Artist... Ellen Elder

Artist ~ Ellen Elder

After 30 years of teaching, ( the last twenty teaching art), I've finally retired and picked up my art utensils again. Originally from Northern California, I graduated from California State University in Sacramento witha BA in Fine Arts. I later completed a graduate program in Special Education and taught multi-handicapped children for several years. In 1986, I was offered a teaching position to teach art for the Dept. of Defense. I traveled to Japan and taught at Yokota Air Base for 2 years. I met my husband Mike, a Lt. Col. in the USMC (now retired), in Japan and we moved to North Carolina in 1988. We have lived in Surf City ever since. Until my recent retirement, I taught art for the Camp Lejeune Dependents' Schools.

My art has been on the back-burner and I hope to rekindle the passion. I used to paint large oil paintings and watercolors, but over the past fewyears have worked on smaller detailed pencil drawings. I feel a need to branch out and OOPS! came along at just the right moment.

Another dream of mine is to build an art center midway between Jacksonville and Wilmington near Holly Ridge and Surf City. I have the land, am negotiating with a builder and hope to break ground next year (2008). It will offer studio space, a gallery, space for classes, etc. I will keep you posted on the progress.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the art center, please e-mail me at:
Ellen Elder

This just in... Great News from Ellen about Art Exposure L.L.C. coming in 2008...

Dear Artists and Friends,
My name is Ellen Elder and I am a recently retired art teacher. My dream has always been to open an art center that would be representative of The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA and ArtSpace in Raleigh, NC. I own an acre lot on Highway 17 midway between Jacksonville and Wilmington, closest to Holly Ridge and Topsail Island. I plan to break ground this spring with a 4600 square foot open barnlike area that can be used for several purposes. If you’re not familiar with The Torpedo Factory and ArtSpace, let me share my vision:

Vision Statement: ArtExposure will provide the local community with a dynamic space for artists of all ages to work and learn. The art center will be a needed addition in an area that is lacking a large central location for artists to meet, teach classes, work in open studios and market their work in a public forum. ArtExposure will offer twenty studio spaces for lease to deserving artists that need space in which to work. Artists must spend a certain amount of hours a week working in their studios. Since ArtExposure will be open to the public, the artists will be juried in by a board of directors. The board will be elected by members of ArtExposure. Regular weekly and weekend classes will be offered for children and adults. Summer art and theater camps will be offered for children. A large open community space will be available for the public to rent for special events such as receptions and meetings. This will generate additional income for the center. In addition, this open communal area will be used for rotating art shows which will be open to the public.

Where: Highway 17. Drive ¼ mile south of 210 (by Lowes in Surf City) and Highway 17. It’s the one acre lot on the right next to Anchor Realty.

For additional information: please e-mail

Meet OOPS Artists... Donna and Earl Tyree

Artists ~ Donna and Earl Tyree

Artist Statement : Donna Tyree
I have been in love with art since I first picked up a crayon as a child. I have spent a significant portion of my life in the last 18 years painting. Most of my paintings have many hours of devotion put into it, and some have taken me several months to complete.

The main media I paint in is Acrylic, although I have done some paintings in oil. I mostly paint on canvas in my studio while listening to music. Besides canvas, I like to paint on wood and clothes.

Born in Lynchburg, Va. in 1952, we moved to Onslow county in 1986 where I now live and have my Home Studio Art Gallery. Although I was a portrait sketch artist for many years, I changed to a landscape painter in 1989. I treasure the days that i can devote to relaxing and painting at home in my studio. Not only is it a great stress reliever for me, but my art devotion has become my " Sanctuary". My favorite artists are Kinkaide, Bob Ross, Roger Bansemer, Sandra Kuck, and Monet.

I want my paintings to be peaceful to look at with a flavor of light and colors. I have a desire to share my visual perception of Gods' handwriting to the world. I want others to see this through my paintings of landscapes and the human touch with color, to convey a sense of tranquility and peacefulness to the collector. With my persistence to detail and perfection, i paint at a much slower pace.

I owe my gratitude first of all to God, who gave me this " self-taught" art talent, and to my husband who has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams of becoming a successful artist. I would also like to thank my children who have encouraged me throughout the years.

Artist Statement: L. Earl Tyree
I began my journey with art from my experience of painting cars in auto body shops. I've always enjoyed a challenge and using my imagination. After retiring, I wanted to explore different ways to relax. Although I painted cars for 25 years, I never knew that I would try my skills as an artist. My wife who is also an artist, helped me to get started 2 years ago. I have painted many paintings since then.

I like using the freedom of imagination and the ability to express myself. I mainly paint with oils, although I also use acrylics. I usually paint landscapes with a Bob Ross " flare ". My favorite artists are Bob Ross, Thomas Kinkaide, and Roger Bansermer.

Born in Lynchburg, Va., in 1951, we moved to Onslow county in 1986 where I now live and have my Home Studio Art Gallery. It's really nice to be able to share my interest in art and talents as an artist with my wife.

Visit their webpage at... Tyree's Art Expressions

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Beautiful Day and Setting for December Paint Out!

OOPS December "Paint Out" at the Aman Farm...

We were blessed with a perfect day for plein air painting... 70 degrees and sunshine by the gallons! The Aman Farm offered several vantage points for some great artwork. We were joined by Thomas Brock and his photography group and look forward to their photos. We also had two new artists join our ranks... Eileen Garbett and Ellen Elder. Karen's daughter, Kristen, even found time to sketch after she finished her school homework.

Our group photo from the December "Paint Out" at the Aman Farm... 12-9-2007.

Left to Right: Dean, Stephen, Mitchell, Ellen, Earl, Donna, Karen, Kristen, Pat, and Bernie.

Keep an eye open for our finished paintings... coming soon!

A special thanks to Catherine Aman for letting us gather on her beautiful property to create our works of art!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Great News for OPPS in 2008!

GREAT NEWS: This just in!

Connie Wenner (Executive Director of the Council for the Arts in Jacksonville) has asked us to have a gallery show next summer. The show will be in the Baysden Gallery at the Council in June 2008. It will consist of plein air paintings created during our "Paint Outs" by OOPS members. What an honor... let's get busy creating those plein air works of art!

See you all Sunday at the "Paint Out"... weatherman is calling for sunny and mid-70's... couldn't order a better day!


Monday, December 3, 2007

Bernie back from Blue Ridge Plein Air Trip!

I'm back... WOW... what a great time I had... read all about my adventures here...
My Plein Air Adventure in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Meet OOPS Artist... Dean Remington

Artist ~ Dean Remington

I AM NOT A PAINTER!!!! With that said, I am a photographer. I have a small studio in Jacksonville, NC. I got interested in painting from my friend Bernie, also an OOPS painter. He gave me some paints and invited me to November's paint out. I really enjoyed it. What I find I like most about painting is that there really is no right or wrong. It is a personal endeavor. Your only critic you need to listen to is yourself. You can push yourself to become better or you can enjoy whatever you bring to the table that day. The brushes never ask where you have been if you haven't painted in a while. It truly is a relaxing experience. I do not ever see myself painting much in the house but I do see many enjoyable hours "en plein aire".
Visit Dean's art blog here: An Exercise in Expression

Meet OOPS Artist... Gordon Adams

Artist ~ Gordon Adams

Gordon Adams prefers to sketch in pencil and later do the final drawing in pen and ink. At work in the boiler plant, he frequently sketches on paper towels and on the backs of logsheets. This year he won 2 Gold Medals in the Senior Arts Competition in Onslow County for his ink drawing of Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities in Southern Pines, NC and for some of his boiler plant art. Many years ago, he took Art lessons under Ione Ervin Griese' of Richlands and Effie Taylor Caldwell, at Jacksonville High School. At age 58, Gordon has recently started to pursue his artistic talent again.