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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kinston Paint Out was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

OOPS members, LtoR: Mitchell Morton, Stephen Greer, Kathi Lenn, Pat Boni, and Bernie Rosage, had an AWESOME time at the 1st Annual Kinston Plein Air Paint Out. The event was sponsored by The Community Council for the Arts in Kinston, NC, and organized by Mary Page Whitley. Artist, Mike Rooney, was the judge for the event. He and Mary Page even painted with the artists throughout the 2 day paint out.

We met at the gazebo in Neuseway Park on Friday at 9:00 am where Mary Page gave us the rules of engagement and a map. Rules were simple... paint within the boundaries on the map and paint as many works as possible. The areas we were to paint in had everything from a park, awesome views of the Neuse River, urban scenes, a Farmers Market, and more. On Saturday we were to turn in our best three for judging by Mike. 15 artists signed up for the paint out.

The event was part Of the Neuse River Fest and there were tons of people and activities going on. Photo above shows spectators enjoying the artwork turned in for the judging on Saturday.
Approximately 40 works were turned in for judging... With the quality of work, Mike mentioned his task of picking three winners was TOUGH!

OOPS members fared very well in the competition... Stephen took 1st plus an Honorable Mention and Bernie placed third. (Close ups of all the OOPS members paintings in this blog post).

1st, 2nd, and 3rd... with 2 Honorable Mentions...

The winners... (LtoR)... Mike Rooney holding Stephen's Honorable Mention, Bernie (3rd), Stephen (1st), Dodie (2nd), and John (Honorable Mention).
Every artist attending the event was a winner... the camaraderie, excellent weather, the subject matter, and nice folks of Kinston proved that! We met many talented artists and even hope to plein air paint with with a group near Greenville. Hopefully the two groups can plan their own paint outs similar to this one in the future as well.

After the judging... Mike critiqued 2 paintings per artist... to be quite honest... this 45 minutes was worth the $30 entry fee. Mike shared some great insights about subject matter and the focal point. OOPS and Onslow County are lucky to have him for a workshop next month.
OOPS members at work...
Kathi set up near the park where she captured most of her scenes. Hard to believe these paintings are a result of her second time working with watercolors. WOW! We still need to post her work from Saturday.

Mitchell painted street scenes on Friday and the festival on Saturday....

Stephen painted an urban street scene and a tree on Friday. He painted his award winning Neuse River scene on Saturday...

(Honorable Mention)

(1st Place)

Pat painted this quaint old gas station on Friday. She worked on a street scene also on Friday finishing it up on Saturday. We still need to publish her street scene from Saturday.

Bernie painted a street scene and an old train station (3rd place winner) on Friday. He painted at the Farmers Market on Saturday...

(3rd Place)

All in all... we had a BLAST... and hope to do this again.... SOON!
We'd love to hear your comments...

Finished works from April Paint Out at the Beirut Memorial

The finished works are straggling in from the April Paint Out at the Beirut Memorial.

Click on images for larger view...
Olivia Rosage (age 6)
"Honoring Marines"... 10x8" Acyclic on canvas

Donna Tyree

Earl Tyree

Bernie Rosage Jr.
I was inspired and broken hearted by the two "Gold Star" moms I met at the memorial. I decided to add the necklace as a tribute to them and ALL "Gold Star" moms... God bless everyone one of you.

Click HERE to read about the inspiration and whole story behind this painting...
10x8" Oil on Linen

Pat Boni

Dean Remington

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bernie and Dean Plein Air Painted last weekend...

Bernie and Dean revisited downtown Swansboro for an enjoyable afternoon/evening of plein air painting last Saturday. Sweatshirt weather... the breeze was rather cool.

Click on paintings for larger view...

Bernie's work... 8x10" Oil on Linen
Split Complementary Palette... Yellow Ochre, Ultra Marine Blue, Cobalt Violet, and Titanium White.


Dean's work... 8x6" Oil on Panel

Sunday they went their separate ways and painted some more...

Bernie revisited the downtown Jacksonville area near the old train depot and painted this scene... a Bed and Breakfast on Mill Street.
8x10" Oil on Linen...

Dean enjoyed the comforts of home and painted this plein air work of his barn...
9x12" Oil on Panel...

1st Annual Plein Air Paint Out and Juried Exhibition

The Community Council For the Arts Presents the 1st Annual Plein Air Paint Out and Juried Exhibition Calling all Painters!

Whether you've been painting for years or just days, join us for a fun filled outdoor event!

Presented by the Community Council for the Arts in conjunction with the Kinston/Lenoir County Chamber of Commerce's Annual Festival on the Neuse.

Come capture the charm of downtown Kinston, or park yourself in the shade of the river front.

On Saturday, bring those paintings back down to the river front to have them judged by Mike Rooney, acclaimed plein air painter, of Goldsboro, NC. Prizes will be awarded.

Artists will be given the option of having their creations for sale through the Arts Council.

Cost: $30 registration fee


Friday, April 25 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Meet at the gazebo at Neuseway Park for coffee and donuts; Paint on location around the river front and downtown Kinston.

Sat., April 26 9:00 a.m.
Meet at gazebo, paint on location; 12:00 p.m. Meet back at gazebo for judging; 2 :00 p.m. Awards will be announced. Artists may paint as many paintings as time allows but, please, only bring your best three paintings for judging.

The Community Council for the Arts will display paintings for the remainder of the event where artists may have their paintings available for sale. The CCA will retain a 35% commission fee on all works sold during the event.

For more information and applications contact the Arts Center for further details 252-527-2517, Mary Page Whitley, or

OOPS members check out previous post and comment in it with your intentions...

Monday, April 21, 2008

OOPS Artists planning to attend Kinston Paint Out this Friday and Saturday.

Fellow OOPS Artists...
As discussed at our last paint out... many of us talked about car-pooling to Kinston this Friday for the Kinston Plein Air Paint Out... details here...

I will be picking Stephen up at 7:45 AM on Friday... Anyone wishing to carpool and follow us should meet at the Food Lion near the corner of Gumbranch Road and Western Blvd across from Williamsburg Plantation sub-division by 8:00 AM. We can figure out at that point who can ride with who leaving the extra vehicles in the parking lot there. We will plan to leave Food Lion at 8:00 AM so we can make registration, coffee, and donuts at 9:00 AM in Kinston.

You will want to carry extra water and possibly a bagged lunch. If everyone is game... we can eat at King's BBQ afterward.

Please sign in the comments section of this post if you plan to attend.

We'll have a BLAST!


PS... I just spoke with Mary, a plein air artist from Kinston, who is helping organize the event. We can pay our $30 that Friday morning at 9:00 AM at the park. From there... the rules and boundaries of the paint out will be given. Bring several panels... you can paint as many as you want and enter three for judging on Saturday at noon. The Saturday event will be going on at the the same time as a festival (till 3:00 PM) where you will be able to offer your paintings for sale.

PSS... Donna, Can you get this info to Mitchell and Penny? Thanks!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

April "Paint Out" was PRIMO at the Beirut Memorial!

We had a GREAT time at our paint out last Sunday... the weather/location was PRIMO! We missed Karen and Patsy but enjoyed Penny and Olivia joining the ranks! Olivia had a blast... in fact... I didn't know how much till I posted these photos and realized she was in half of them!

Finished works... here...

It was so neat to see the artists set up in various locations throughout the memorial site painting a variety of scenes. Pictured below... Olivia, Mitchell, and Pat painting away!

The April Paint Out bunch!

Left to Right: Kathi, Stephen, Penny (hiding behind), Donna G., Mitchell, Bernie, Dean, Olivia, Pat, Donna T., and Earl.

Dean picks a great spot near the 911 monument!

Donna having a BLAST!

Mitchell's vantage point.

Penny sketching the memorial.

Stephen chose a spot near the tree line.

Kathi working on one of her COOL ideas!

Bernie painting boots.

Olivia (Bernie's 6 year old daughter) working on painting #2!

Pat sporting her warm smile!

Donna setting up.

Earl back in action!
Dean, Pat, and Olivia (again)...

Finished works coming soon...