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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Daily News Article about OOPS!... SUPERB!

I personally want to thank the Jacksonville Daily News, Timmi Toler, and Don Bryan for their SUPERB article about OOPS in the Sunday, October 18, 2007 newspaper.

If you didn't get a chance to read it you can check out the online version here...

En plein aire
A group of local artists have found a new creative outlet in an old form of painting
by Timmi Toler.

Don Bryan also made a video of the outing and OOPS...

check it out


(2 minutes and 29 seconds)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finished works from OOPS artists' from "Paint Out #1" at the Pellitier House.

Here are the finished paintings from OOPS "Paint Out #1". The "Paint Out" was held in downtown Jacksonville at the Pelletier House near the waterfront giving our artists a variety of subject matter to paint from. This first event was a huge success and marks the beginning of a great opportunity for local plein air artists to fellowship and PAINT. Join us for "Paint Out #2" on November 11th.

Click on the paintings to view larger images...

Karen Crenshaw chose a view of the historical Pelletier House.

Mitchell Morton chose a view from the waterfront looking through the willows at the Old Bridge Street bridge.

Bernie Rosage Jr. also chose a view of the Pelletier House. This painting is available for purchase via eBay auction... Click here...

Stephen Greer actually found time to finish two paintings. The first is a painting of OOPS artist, Donna Graham, as she works on her painting. The second painting is of a tree looking toward Anne Street.

Donna Graham painted a beautiful weeping willow tree on the waterfront.

Michael Hart chose a view looking across the New River from the waterfront.

We welcome your comments... in fact... we'd love to hear them...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Meet OOPS Artist... Stephen Greer

photo by Thomas Brock
Artist ~ Stephen Greer
Artist's Statement...
I express myself drawing and painting. Depicting the North Carolina coast and doing candid sketches of people in public places provide the visual references used in creating abstract and realistic work. Patterns, colors, rhythms and their astounding abundance in the world fascinate me. Carrying a sketch book makes it possible to take advantage of these fleeting elements. Life and art engage me fully in the evolution of growing and learning.
More Info...
Ever since I can remember I have been making marks on something. Crayon drawings on walls, house paint on garage walls, chalk drawings on the street, ball point pen drawings on note book paper in history class- you name it. Encouraged by teachers, friends and family, I moved on to using a variety of art mediums and eventually settled into using acrylics exclusively. I participated in OOPS first outdoor painting event and I'm hooked. It was great to be involved with people pursuing a common interest! I have work at Art Escapes and Frames in Morehead City and Nicole's Studio and Gallery in Raleigh.

Meet OOPS Artist... Mitchell Morton

photo by Thomas Brock
Artist ~ Mitchell Morton
Born and bred in Onslow County! One of those rare people-finds! I began working in an artistic way as a young boy by carving my mother’s Ivory soap (recall the LARGE bars we used to get!). I continued to experiment over the years to develop my talent. I truly do not think we ever fully evolve to that final “place” to which we all aspire… I see it as a continuous journey in which we continue to quest with each passing day. My work is done in a variety of mediums – oils, acrylic, pastels, and mixed media. My first “en plein air” experience was in October ’07 – and it taught me to work very quickly due to the constantly changing light. Out of this comes the fact that you, most times, compete a painting in one, short sitting.
Visit my art blog at... River's Edge Studio

Meet OOPS Artist... Michael Hart

photo by Thomas Brock

Artist ~ Michael Hart

A senior and art student at White Oak High School.

Meet OOPS Artist... Karen Crenshaw

photo by Thomas Brock

Artist ~ Karen Lee Crenshaw

Karen Lee Crenshaw has been drawing “since she used to scribble on the walls as a child.” As the wife of LtCol Bill Crenshaw, USMCR Ret, she has been a part of the military life for 18 years. She has fourteen-year-old twins, Tom and Kristen, who share her creativity and have also done their share of wall scribbling. The family has lived in Jacksonville for the last eight years where Karen maintains Crenshaw Art Studio in their home at 708 Ireland Court.

Karen has been accepting portrait commissions for a number of years and specializes in portraits of women and children. Her work is traditional and lifelike, yet it maintains a painterly quality. She enjoys providing her clients with an heirloom that will last for many generations. “ I especially love working with children and capturing that innocence that seems to pass so quickly,” the artist says.

When she is not working on portraits, you can find her painting landscapes. “Coastal Images,” her recent one-person show at UNCW, featured scenes from Topsail Island painted from photographs and studies done before the devastation of recent hurricanes. “I am particularly intrigued by the pinkish-blue tones of the early morning light and the amber light of late afternoon. When the sun is low on the horizon, it creates wonderful contrasts of forms and oblique angles and shapes. I’m always looking for a dynamic abstract pattern on which to base the composition,” she explains.

Karen was born in South Dakota and grew up in West Virginia where she obtained a B.S. in Art Education from Concord College. After teaching in Rockbridge County, VA, she returned to her studies at George Washington University in Washington, DC, receiving a Master of Fine Arts in Painting. Her paintings have been exhibited and have won awards in New York City, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and DC.

Karen has a working studio and exhibits her work at ArtExposure in Hampstead, NC. She also has available a number of small watercolors and landscape paintings in her studio. In addition, she has self-published two limited edition lithograph reproductions. “World War II Memorial, Virginia Tech” has been published in a limited edition of 1000 prints and is available for $65.00. “Potomac Sunset,” a water scene near Washington, DC, was published as a limited edition of 400 prints and is available for $50.00.

To commission a portrait, purchase a print, or schedule a studio visit, call her at home, (910) 353-8684, or contact her by email at
Vist Karen's webpage at

708 Ireland Court
Jacksonville, NC 28546

Meet OOPS Artist... Bernie Rosage Jr.

my photo by Thomas Brock

Artist ~ Bernie Rosage Jr.

I appreciate the simple things in life. Many artists thrive with creativity in times of turmoil... I'm just the opposite... give me peace and harmony and the creative juices flow much easier... That is why I love working from life and enjoying nature. One of my favorite ways to paint is on location en plein aire... the French term literally translates in open air.

I love Plein Air painting because of the full EXPERIENCE... It fills all the senses for me. I also enjoy the challenges it presents due to changing conditions in my surroundings... it pushes me as an artist and forces me to capture the essence of the scene. I also like meeting people while I'm out painting in public... adding a more personal experience to the sitting. One of my favorite plein air experiences was painting at an old stone church in the Blue Ridge Mountains while a lone Scottish bagpiper played. My least favorite outing was when I was preoccupied by two alligators while painting at Greenfield Lake in Wilmington. I often paint with my artist buddy Olivia, my six year old daughter, who definitely steals the show when we are on a plein air outing together. The camaraderie I have found in this group of artists, OOPS!, will be a source of inspiration and admiration for me for years to come.

Olivia and Daddy plein air painting at Cedar Point. Check out the story of Olivia's first plein air outing here.

I'm a self-representing artist and have joined the ranks of the latest art movement... "A Painting a Day"... well... almost every day! I am completely self taught... except for "a little help from my friends"... my fellow artist friends that is.... who so generously share their thoughts and knowledge with me. We hang out much like the Impressionistic artists of old did in the caf├ęs of Paris... only in a cyberspace kind of way. I mainly work in oils and and have been painting seriously since January 2004.

I have attended many workshops with many great artists but would be amiss here not to mention my mentor, artist Larry Seiler. Larry has been an encouraging and educational force in my work not to mention a GREAT friend. He taught me the "art of seeing". I also glean from and study the masters... old and new. Some of my greatest influences are Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, John Singer Sargent, William Bouguereau, Nicholai Fechin, Amedeo Modgliani, Richard Schmid, Morgan Weistling, Mike Rooney, and Marc Hansen.

My wife, Tami, and I had the privilege of seeing the "Monet in Normandy" exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art in November 2006... seeing those 50 works by one of my favorite artists has been a major inspiration and motivating factor in my work ethic as I usually paint everyday.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it. As a self-representing artist, most of my paintings are for sale... be sure to visit my art links below...

My Paintings for Sale
My Art Journal
My Art Gallery
My Art Demos
My Web Page
My eBay
My quote below sums up what plein air painting means to me...

Meet OOPS Artist... Donna Graham

photo by Thomas Brock

Artist ~ Donna Graham

In Fall 2006, I was encouraged by an artist-friend to "pick up a brush and see what happens." I have become an artist (of sorts) …self-taught, wonderfully mentored, and on a journey…

My inner adventures:
I was instantly “taken” with this wonderful form of self-expression!!! While I am a “newbie,” I find that each day that I paint, I learn something new – about myself, about how paint “moves,” about the many techniques, and, especially, about my emotions (and how they become intertwined in the piece I am doing). In the few months that I have been painting, I have dabbled in oils, acrylics, watercolor, and mixed media -– and have not quite found my niche for the medium I most prefer. Living on the North Carolina coast, I am naturally drawn to the serene, coastal images – but, BEST OF ALL, I enjoy putting what I see, feel, and know onto a canvas.

My outward adventures:
I recently entered a juried art show as part of my artistic learning. While not accepted into this first show, I learned so much – and am inspired to forge ahead. THEN, I joined a group of artist friends and experienced (for the first time) painting "en plein aire" -- translated as "in open air.” I was so exited about what I had experienced this day that I was on my phone before I reached my front door telling a friend all about the wonderful-ness of the day.

Vist my art blog here... River's Edge Studio

Saturday, October 20, 2007

OOPS! "Paint Out #2" November 11th... Mark your Calendar!

Our first "Paint Out" was such a BIG success that we decided to have one every month. November's "Paint Out" is set for Sunday, November 11, 2007. The Downtown Swansboro location was picked by OOPS! member, Karen Crenshaw, and offers an exciting choice of subject matter from the waterway to street scenes. Artists of any medium and skill level are invited to join in the fun. Simply bring your stuff and meet at the Otway Burns Statue in the park near the bridge at 2:00 PM. See you there!

TRIVA QESTION??? about "OOPS Paint Out #2"

The following artists plan to attend:
Bernie Rosage Jr
Dean Remington
Karen Crenshaw
Donna Graham
Randy Mills
Brenda Behr
Stephen Greer
Mitchell Morton
Tracy Sorensen
Earl and Donna Tyree
Pat Boni

Friday, October 19, 2007

"Plein Air Painting the American Landscape" PBS series now available on DVD

Six Exciting and Memorable Episodes
Discovering America through the Eyes of Acclaimed Plein Air Artists
Check with your local PBS station for air dates and times (not showing in our area yet)

Far more than a “how-to” show, Plein Air, Painting the American Landscape is a celebration of our natural world, a visual retreat to our nation’s beautiful places and an exploration of the rich and colorful history of American landscape painting. From the founding of the Cape Cod School by Charles Hawthorne in 1899 and gathering of the Taos Society of Artists a few years later – to location demonstrations by today’s leading landscape artists – viewers will discover the roots of this uniquely American art form and why painting “en plein air” is once again at the forefront of American representational art.

Check out the webpage here:
DVD's available here:

Timmi's Blog Post about our 1st "Paint Out"

I just came across Timmi's blog post from our recent "Paint Out"...
Check it out here...
Spring up, oh well, within my soul
It was a pleasure meeting you Timmi and we all look forward to your upcoming article.

PS... I'll have those finished painting images posted here SOON... I promise!

Plein Air Tip... Understanding Aerial Perspective.

Aerial perspective or atmospheric perspective is the effect on the appearance of an object by the atmosphere between it and a viewer (or the technique of depicting this effect in a work of art, such as a landscape painting). As the distance between an object and a viewer increases, the contrast between the object and its background decreases. The contrast of any markings or details on the object also decreases. The colours of the object also become less saturated and shift towards blue.

Aerial perspective was discovered and named by Leonardo Da Vinci, who used it in many of his works, such as the Mona Lisa, in order to suggest distance.

One of the best discriptions and images to explain this effect comes from the Art Studio Chalkboard by Ralph Larmann at the University of Evansville in the article ATMOSPHERIC or AERIAL PERSPECTIVE.

He states there: Aerial or atmospheric interference with visual perception causes loss of contrast, detail and sharp focus. The effect, which Leonardo called "the perspective of disappearance," tends to make objects seem to take on a blue-gray middle value as they increase in distance.

SIZE OF OBJECTS-smaller objects seem farther away (distortions can occur if objects are the same size or too close to the viewer).
OVERLAPPING OR SUPERIMPOSING-by partially covering one object with another it gives an appearance of depth (distortions also occur if viewer is too close).
TEXTURE-density increases as an object gets further away.
SPACING-objects clustered closer together seem farther away. Horizontal lines which get closer as they near the horizon line appear to be defining a recession in space.
FOCUS-objects lose detail as they recede into space.
BRIGHTNESS-objects are brighter when closer to the viewer, except for reflective surfaces.
SHADE AND SHADOW-darker shadows seem closer especially if overlapping other shadows.
UPWARD ANGULAR LOCATION-creates depth if juxtaposed to ground and sky lines, e.g. tall buildings.
COLOR-color intensity is much greater closer to the viewer and tends toward medium gray as it recedes.

This image from Larmann's article serves as an excellent visual aid to explain the effect of Aerial Perspective.


Plein Air quote of the week by Jan Blencowe

There is an undeniable urgency when painting outdoors – nature's so grand, the canvas so small. It takes the human mind with all its grand abilities and complexities to sort through the overwhelming visual feast set before it and re-create on canvas the essential components of such beauty and wonder. (Jan Blencowe)

Check out Jan's plein air work here: Art & Life

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

NC Museum of Art Special "Landscape" Exhibit Coming SOON!

Landscapes from the Age of Impressionism
October 21, 2007 through January 13, 2008

Landscapes from the Age of Impressionism, an exhibition of forty paintings, includes many of the finest examples of mid- and late- nineteenth-century French and American landscapes in the Brooklyn Museum's collection. Ranging in date from the 1850s to the early twentieth century, the works presented offer a broad survey of landscape painting as practiced by such leading French artists as Gustave Courbet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Claude Monet and their most significant American counterparts including Childe Hassam and John Singer Sargent. This exhibition has been organized by the Brooklyn Museum.

Visit NCMOA special Landscapes Web site.

Monday, October 15, 2007

1st OOPS! "Paint Out" a BIG Success!

the weather was beautiful...
the subject matter was breath taking...
the camaraderie was AWESOME...
the Daily News staff, Timmie Toler and Don Bryan, were spectacular...
and the OOPS! first "Paint Out" was a BIG success!

Check out these awesome photos from the event by Thomas Brock... You can read about the event on his blog here... Onslow Outdoor Painters’ Society. Thanks for sharing your talent and thoughts Thomas!

Six artists attended "Paint Out #1"... Michael Hart, Mitchell Morton, Donna Graham, Karen Crenshaw, Stephen Greer, and Bernie Rosage Jr.

Here's a painting that Stephen did yesterday of Donna while she was working...

He even gave it to her as a gift... you're a great guy Stephen!

More photos to come from photographer, Don Bryan....not to mention the Daily News article coming out in a few weeks from Ms Timmi Toler. We'll also share photos of the finished works from "Paint Out #1"...

See ya soon!
Drop us a comment...

Upcoming Mike Rooney Workshops

Upcoming Mike Rooney Workshops:
How to Simplify and Loosen up your Painting combination plein air and classroom
all skill levels, in oils, acrylics, pastels

Morehead City, NC- Oct 19-20
Calabash NC- Oct 22-24
Nags Head, NC- Oct 29-30
Manteo- Spring 2008

contact Mike at for details or to register.

Mike plans to join us for one of our paint outs once his schedule lightens up a bit!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

OOPS! First "Paint Out" this Sunday...

If you are a plein air artist in Onslow County (or neighboring counties) feel free to join the Onslow Outdoor Painters Society this Sunday at 2PM for our first "Paint Out". "Paint Outs" are simply gatherings at a predetermined location within Onslow County (one approx. every six weeks) where we come together, fellowship, and PAINT outdoors!

The "Paint Out" will be held in downtown Jacksonville at the Pelletier House near the waterfront.

All art mediums and skill levels welcome. Hope to see you there!

Artists planning to attend:
Jo Whitley
Donna Graham
Mitchell Morton
Stephen Greer
Karen Crenshaw

Bernie Rosage Jr.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

1st Paint Out Scheduled for October 14th...

OOPS! will have our first "Paint Out" on Sunday, October 14, 2007, at 2:00 PM. We will announce the location shortly so stay tuned! We will also be joined by journalist, Ms. Timmi Toler, from the Daily News... how cool is that?

Stay tuned for location...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Plein Air Painters have this to say...

Plein air painting is still an interpretation of reality, even though I am seeing the scene first hand. My "truth" is far more interesting to me than the scene in reality. (Linda Blondheim)

To steep oneself in the sky. To capture the tenderness of the clouds. To let the cloud masses float in the background, far off in the gray mist, and then make the blue blaze forth. (Eugene Boudin)

Plein air paintings are life, and without them the rest of my work would die. Without it, I would have nothing to say in the studio, because without real-life experience, art is impossible. (Scott Burdick)

Working outdoors or from life puts you in direct contact with the life force, not just the light and the landscape, but also the vitality of the world around you. (George Carlson)

All pictures painted inside in the studio will never be as good as the things done outside. (Paul Cezanne)

I strive to capture the moment, that fleeting light or atmospheric effect, tackled with a sense of urgency and an awareness that the prevailing conditions are transient and will not be precisely repeated. (Trevor Chamberlain)

I'm constantly painting the landscape in my head as I drive along, and when I see something that refuses to give way to the next scene, I stop the car and turn around. (Gay Falkenberry)

Plein air painting and painting from a reference: The first is like going to Paris for two weeks with your girl friend, the second is like reading a book about Paris at the local library. (Sylvio Gagnon)

After a few plein air attempts, I found the fast and often half finished and underdone pieces were giving me more pleasure than laboriously ended paintings. So I am left with many "unfinished" works done for my soul and not for sale. (George Kubac)

When you're an artist - especially a plein air artist, where you're working outside - you see the best of life all the time. (Tom Nichols)

Artists who battle the elements, the extreme effort and the exhaustive study to be able to paint a high-quality work in one sitting, wet-on-wet while on location, have something very special to offer. (B. Eric Rhoads)

I would not encourage young artists today to paint in retrospect, but rather enjoy painting directly from life, where all the answers are looking right at you. (John Stobart)

Monet, Manet, Sisley, Renoir, Van Gogh and others went outside to paint for one simple reason - it looks different outside. (Mike Svob)

source... Plein Air Painting-Resources for Artists by Jan Blencowe