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Monday, December 3, 2007

Meet OOPS Artist... Dean Remington

Artist ~ Dean Remington

I AM NOT A PAINTER!!!! With that said, I am a photographer. I have a small studio in Jacksonville, NC. I got interested in painting from my friend Bernie, also an OOPS painter. He gave me some paints and invited me to November's paint out. I really enjoyed it. What I find I like most about painting is that there really is no right or wrong. It is a personal endeavor. Your only critic you need to listen to is yourself. You can push yourself to become better or you can enjoy whatever you bring to the table that day. The brushes never ask where you have been if you haven't painted in a while. It truly is a relaxing experience. I do not ever see myself painting much in the house but I do see many enjoyable hours "en plein aire".
Visit Dean's art blog here: An Exercise in Expression

1 comment:

Keith said...

Looking good Dean! I really like this painting - no wait - that's a photograph:-) Not too happy about the Pistons sweatshirt. Maybe I will bome down there - but not to play golf but to kick your a**. Anyway, thanks for keeping us in the loop regarding your paintings, It's a lot of fun for us too. Bless you bro - Keith