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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Need Your Ideas for 2008...

Dear fellow OOPS artists...

Happy New Year... here's to a GREAT 2008!

Please use the comments section of THIS post to list any ideas you may have for our group this year...

Ideas such as "paint out" locations, dates, workshops, trips, or anything in general that you come up with.

Many of you have recommended locations outside of the county... that is fine for an added "paint out" but I feel with the upcoming show in June that we need to stick to locations within Onslow County since that is how the show is promoted. However... we can take a plein air trip and paint anywhere.

I can't wait to hear your ideas...


Onslow County "paint out" location ideas:
~ Haybales at a local farm on Ramsey Road in September.
~ Street Scene (Urban) of the New City Hall on New Bridge Street.
~ The Averitt House (Historical site at Catherine's Lake).
~ Palo Alto Plantation on Belgrade/Swansboro Road.

Plein Air Trip ideas:
~ Catch the Ferry at Cedar Island for a day long plein air trip to Ocrakoke Island.
~ Draw Bridge in Surf City

Various ideas for the group:
~ Paint a nocturnal (night) scene.
~ Paint urban scenes.
~ Have a live model pose for the COLD weather months (Jan/Feb).
~ Set up a still life for the COLD weather months.
~ Have a workshop during the COLD weather months.
~ Take a trip to the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh together.


Donna Graham said...

ideas from Donna and Mitchell:

paint on the beach (Topsail?); Sneads Ferry Fish House (one with lots of character!); paint in an old junk yard (though could REALLY be a fun thing to do!!!); civil war re-enactment in R'lands; some bldg/site that is covered with thick ivy/vines; Hammock Beach (ferry/vis center/etc); Mike's Tree Farm (and we could arrange it so that we all dine family style at Mike’s/ Restaurant; a playground (old-style); paint a train; paint the Sylvester Estate on Comfort Hwy in R'lands area. Does the airport offer anything of interest to us?

take ferry (located at MCAS/Cherry Point) to Oriental and paint in Oriental for the day (several galleries in that area too!); paint the old graveyard in Wilmington (has lots of character); paint the (working again) Trenton Mill (pond and grist mill); paint the light house near Harker's Island;

Dean Remington said...

THought we should try a limited palette. Say we draw colors from a hat and can only work with the ones pic'd? How about palette knife only painting or even a painting with anything but a brush ie.., q-tip, toothpick, pine needles.... I know it sounds odd but it would sure push you to think and who knows what may find a permanent spot in your "tool chest". As for ideas, once you mention barns, farms, beaches and junk I think we covered all of Onslow county. As for out of county, what about the ships down in WIlmington waterfront? Or even that downtown area?

Bernie Rosage Jr. said...

Great ideas Donna and Dean! Dean... you forgot to mention Pawn Shops...

Donna Graham said...

Additional ideas: an old country store (one with old signs, old gas pumps, etc.); a fruit-stand/farmer's market setting; a trek into the woods for a woodland scene (maybe even Bambi or "Pepe Le Peu!" // grin).

Dean, I LOVE the notion of s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g our "technique!" I would LOVE to try some (or all) of your ideas!!!

an o/o county idea: the "octagon house" in Cedar Point area. the current rehab does not do justice to the historical rep of this old house (but, it's a thought).

We are on a roll!

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