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Thursday, April 17, 2008

April "Paint Out" was PRIMO at the Beirut Memorial!

We had a GREAT time at our paint out last Sunday... the weather/location was PRIMO! We missed Karen and Patsy but enjoyed Penny and Olivia joining the ranks! Olivia had a blast... in fact... I didn't know how much till I posted these photos and realized she was in half of them!

Finished works... here...

It was so neat to see the artists set up in various locations throughout the memorial site painting a variety of scenes. Pictured below... Olivia, Mitchell, and Pat painting away!

The April Paint Out bunch!

Left to Right: Kathi, Stephen, Penny (hiding behind), Donna G., Mitchell, Bernie, Dean, Olivia, Pat, Donna T., and Earl.

Dean picks a great spot near the 911 monument!

Donna having a BLAST!

Mitchell's vantage point.

Penny sketching the memorial.

Stephen chose a spot near the tree line.

Kathi working on one of her COOL ideas!

Bernie painting boots.

Olivia (Bernie's 6 year old daughter) working on painting #2!

Pat sporting her warm smile!

Donna setting up.

Earl back in action!
Dean, Pat, and Olivia (again)...

Finished works coming soon...

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