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Monday, August 11, 2008

Paint Out this Sunday... Dean will be there early if anyone wants to come earlier...

Just a reminder that our August Paint Out is this Sunday the 17th at 1:00 PM. Dean wants everyone to know that he will be there at 10:00 AM if anyone wants to come early to beat the heat... well if anyone wants to come early... don't think we can beat the heat!

The Paint Out location is Miracle Meadows... details and directions HERE.

If anyone is open to a challenge for the Paint Out... I have one! We have been studying the old master, Anders Zorn, at Wet Canvas for the August/September Master of the Month (MOM) and I plan to use Zorn's limited palette. If anyone wishes to join me it should prove challenging and rewarding. A good test for someone unsure of their current palette choices... one can learn a lot about mixing colors from a limited palette and gain color harmony as a bonus.

The Zorn Palette is basically a primary palette with a low chroma blue (ivory black), a low chroma yellow (yellow ochre), and a high chroma red (vermillion, or, today, cad. red light) plus white. Ivory black in Zorn's day was said to have had more blue properties so many modern day artists add a bit of ultramarine blue to their ivory black... I plan to do this.

New Modified Zorn Palette:
Cad Red Light
Ivory Black w/Ultramarine Blue
Yellow Ochre
Titanium White

The Zorn Palette was:
Ivory Black
Yellow Ochre
Zinc White

I look forward to seeing everyone Sunday!

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