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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Paint Out Ideas

Paint Out ideas from past posts...

In Onslow County....
~ Sneads Ferry Fish House (one with lots of character!)
~ paint in an old junk yard (though could REALLY be a fun thing to do!!!)
~ some bldg/site that is covered with thick ivy/vines
~ Mike's Tree Farm (and we could arrange it so that we all dine family style at Mike’s/ Restaurant
~ a playground (old-style)
~ paint a train
~ paint the Sylvester Estate on Comfort Hwy in R'lands area.
~The Averitt House (Historical site at Catherine's Lake)
~ Palo Alto Plantation on Belgrade/Swansboro Road.
~ an old country store (one with old signs, old gas pumps, etc.)
~ a fruit-stand/farmer's market setting
~ a trek into the woods for a woodland scene (maybe even Bambi or "Pepe Le Peu!" // grin)
~ park at Jacksonville Commons

Just outside Onslow County...
~ Cedar Point Park... just past Swansboro
~ Cedar Fork area between Richlands and Beulaville called Tarkil Branch Homestead & Museum which has several old buildings (Eileen Garbett can get proper permission)
~ Trenton... There are some wonderful old buildings there, the old mill a very cool old jailhouse

What do you guys think?
What are your preferences?
Anything to add????

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