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Sunday, January 25, 2009

January Paint Out... FUN INDOORS!

The light was flat... rain was coming... OOPS members opted for an inside setting and decided to save Coastal Carolina Community College for another day. We headed across the street to Bernie's store and set up a still life in the garage. Some painted the still life while others painted artists painting... see Stephen's painting above of Dean and Bernie painting their hearts out. After the paint out... most members went to CiCi's for pizza, critiques, and camaraderie.

Members present LtoR: Dean, Bernie, Mitchell, Kathi, Stephen, Amanda, Donna, and Patsy. Karen dropped by for a visit and took the photo... she's included in the group shot below.

Patsy... what a smile!

Kathi and her daughter... our newest member... Amanda.
Stephen painting his masterpiece pictured at the top of this post.

Mitchell and Dean having a good time!

Another great smile... this time it belongs to Donna!

Bernie working on his still life... an old Brownie camera.

Welcome to OOPS Amanda!
GREAT NEWS... We have six new people expressing an interest to join OOPS... hope to see them at our paint out on February 8th.
BTW... Details for the February Paint Out are being worked out as I type... The location will be at a junk yard in the Queens Creek area on the 8th beginning @ 1PM... a map and announcement coming soon... Stay Tuned!

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