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Friday, January 1, 2010

Mark your calendar for January 10, 2010! COOL paint out planned!

Be sure to mark your calendar for a special painting treat for our January paint out. We will dodge he COLD by painting inside... the subject... a LIVE person! I realize that a life class may seem intimidating to many but look at it as a way to challenge yourself and learn by doing something different. I think there are only handful of portrait artists in our group so this will be a challenge for most... myself included. Our live model will be Jeremy... he will dress in a Civil War period uniform which will make for a cool character study. He will sit for the study from 1PM till 4PM so make plans to arrive on time to get a good spot. The session will be held indoors at the Council for the Arts on New Bridge Street... Connie Wenner was kind enough to allow us to use the studio room. We will pass the hat to take up a donation to give to Jeremy for so graciously volunteering as our model.

WHAT: OOPS November "Paint Out"... A LIVE model life class INSIDE!

WHEN: Sunday, January 10, 2010, 1:00 PM till 4:00 PM

WHERE: The Council for the Arts, 826 New Bridge St, Jacksonville NC 28540.

WHY: Dodging the COLD and challenging our portrait skills!

WHAT ELSE: We will pass the hat and ask for a donation to give to our model, Jeremy, for volunteering to model for us... 3 hours is a long time to pose.

WHAT ELSE #2: Dutch treat dinner afterwards at a restaurant we decide on.

Newbies welcome... all mediums and skill levels... simply show up with your gear and be prepared to have fun!

What the heck is OOPS and how do I join the FUN?

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