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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OOPS Artists featured in "reinCARnation" Exhibit in Goldsboro, NC.

Six OOPS artists with a total of 12 paintings (artists and paintings below) are to be featured in the upcoming "reinCARnation" Exhibit in Goldsboro, NC. Becca Scott Reynolds, Executive Director of the Arts Council of Wayne County, organized the event and is excited to have OOPS participate. The exhibit will feature sculpture work and other media and run through the month of July, 2010.

JULY 2010
featuring live music from local pianist Jimmy Aycock!

Auto Related Artwork from artists across eastern NC including:
License Plate Guitars from Peter Geiger
Plein Air Paintings from OOPS painters in Onslow County

Jack Cobb: A Preview Collection (Samples from the art of the late Jack Cobb)

In the Mix (Mixed Media exhibit by Robert Jones of Snow Hill)


The Arts Council of Wayne County
2406 East Ash Street
Goldsboro, NC

Arts Council Wayne note... This event is an opening reception for an exhibit we are hosting at the Arts Council of Wayne County called "reinCARnation" that will feature recycled and auto related artwork in the lower level gallery. There will be a mixed media exhibit on the upper level from artist Robert Jones and a collection of work by the late... Jack Cobb which is a preview of a larger show that we will be hosting in the future. The opening reception is Thursday, July 1 from 5-7 pm and is free and open to the public. Jimmy Aycock will provide the night's entertainment on piano.

"Outstanding in Its Field"... Bernie Rosage Jr... 8x10" framed~ $200

"1940 Ford"... Bernie Rosage Jr... 8x10" framed ~ $200

"NOMAD'r What!"... Bernie Rosage Jr... 8x10" framed ~ $200

"#1"... Mitchell Morton... 8x10" box framed ~ $175

"#2"... Mitchell Morton... 8x10 gallery wrapped with painted sides ~ $125
"#3"... Mitchell Morton... 8x8" box framed ~ $145

"Memories"... Sherry Thurston... 16x20" framed ~ $450

"Salvage Truck for the Fishermen".. Sherry Thurston... 16x20" framed ~ $350

"It Runs"... Sherry Thurston... 18x12" gallery wrapped with painted sides ~ $250
"Old Blue"... Stephen Greer Sr... 9x12" gallery wrapped with painted sides ~ $175

"Odum's Junkyard"... Pat Boni... 12x18" framed ~ $200

"Back to Life"... Dean Remington... 8x10" gallery wrapped with painted sides ~ $80


Brenda Behr said...

Looks like some good stuff coming into this show. Hope to see your faces there as well.

Bernie Rosage Jr. said...

A honor to share a show with you Brenda. Hope you have a GREAT time Saturday and raise a lot of money for the BP fiasco.