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Friday, August 6, 2010

August Paint Out ~ Noturnal ~ Saturday Night the 21st

WHAT: OOPS August Paint Out

WHEN: Saturday Night, August 21, 2010 from 6PM until... Organized by Mitchell Morton.

WHERE: Bicentennial Park, Swansboro... meet at the Otway Burns Statue.

WHY: Painting at night to try something new and BREAK the August HEAT! Simply put... we LOVE plein air painting!

Newbies welcome... all mediums and skill levels... simply show up with your gear and be prepared to have fun!

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Part of an Interview with Rick Humphrey, Winner of the Edgar Payne Award for Best Landscape. Click HERE for the whole interview...

PAWa: What kind of unique experiences does night painting bring?

Rick: Painting a location at night gives you a different viewpoint on a subject and a greater sense of intimacy with that location than you would otherwise have. After all, you are seeing it in a condition that few people see, especially if it is very late at night. You come away with a feeling of real connection to it, like you have been let in on some special secret about it that no one else knows. You also will have experiences with the nocturnal animals of that area that you would not otherwise see during the day. One night when I was out on this open field under a full moon, an owl suddenly lit off a branch high above me and came swooping down right over my head. For the next several minutes it flew silently over the field behind me skimming just a few feet above the ground. It was an incredible thing to watch and such an inspiration that I named the painting "Owl Moon" after a children's book I used to read to my kids.

PAWa: What would you advise someone who wants to try out night painting?

Rick: I think it helps to have a lot of daytime plein air work under your belt first. It will help you when you go to mix your colors. A lot of what you do at night is based more on faith than actually seeing. You don't really know what colors you have until you bring it indoors, so you just tell yourself that I know these colors produce this effect in daylight so I trust that it will do the same at night. Sometimes you bring it indoors and have some surprises and so you might try to make some minor adjustments. For the most part though, what I do on location is what stays.

1 comment:

Donna Tyree said...

Sorry guys, i won't be at this one either, it's a week-end that i work. I would love to try this but needs to be on a day that i'm off - i work the evenig shift ( 3 - 11 ). i will try this "night painting " on a night that i'm off. Would love to paint with the group again. i really miss it. our paint outs need to be on week ends i'm off - which is every other week-end. Happy Painting Evryone :) Donna Tyree