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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Beth Ellis' 12 Tips for Painting in Cold Weather

Please read the Beth's indepth description of each topic in her article, Beth Ellis' 12 Tips for Painting in Cold Weather, on the Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society webpage.

No. 1 - Check the temperature.
No. 2 - Eat a good breakfast.
No. 3 - Dress in warm layers.
No. 4 - Be sure to choose a time of day when the light is at its best.
No. 5 - Choose a location protected from the wind.
No. 6 - Set up your easel to avoid direct sun on your painting surface and palette.
No. 7 - Premix a strong, cool grey to add to your winter palette.
No. 8 - Keep your medium more fluid than you would on warm days.
No. 9 - Thin out your whites.
No. 10 - Remember that white snow is not really white.
No. 11 - Observe your subject before diving in.
No. 12 - Enjoy!

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