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Monday, July 14, 2014

Nocturne painting preparation...

Here is a helpful list of things when considering plein air painting at night... referred to as "nocturne plein air." This info comes from the awesome Irish site... Plein Eire...

Nocturne Plein Air

Helpful hints for painting nocturnes:

1. Attach an Led booklight to your easel, or wear a cap-lamp.You can get these at the Dollar Tree Store... It is a good idea to get one for your easel and one for your palette.
2. Wear layers of of warm clothes, and carry a hot drink thermos flask. Not in our case... we are doing this on a full moon in August to beat the heat... Insect repellant is a must!
3. Keep moving; take little exercise breaks to keep the circulation going.
4. Lay out your paints on your palette before you leave home.
5. Use a limited palette of familiar colours.
6. Use a middle-toned canvas or panel to speed up the painting and to give a guide to middle tones, which can be difficult to judge.
7. Let someone know where you are, and bring your mobile phone.


Mark your calendar for our OOPS August Nocturne Plein Air Paint Out in Downtown Swansboro on...

August 9, 2014 ~ OOPS Paint Out ~ Saturday Evening... We will met at a place TBA for dinner at 4pm and then paint a nocturnal scene in downtown Swansboro, NC. If you choose not to eat... show up downtown around 7 pm. The CCPAP painting group will join us for this special event. August 10th is a Full Moon so the light should be great.
Don't forget out July paint out this Sunday...

July 20, 2014 ~ OOPS July Paint Out ~ Sunday, July 20, 2014 - Noon until - Sturgeon City Park - downtown Jacksonville - great elevated views of Wilson Bay... Plus pathways, marshes, sawgrass, trees. Etc... July Paint Out organized by Jim Phillips...

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