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Friday, April 1, 2016

Asun Purnell

I was born in Madrid. I remember getting fascinated with pencils, paper, color pencils, watercolor paint, etc when i was a little girl. I copied a Walt Disney deck of cards in a drawing pad, that i still have, and others cartoons from the comic books. My oldest brother Angel was also painting and getting prizes at the poster contest at the school, i got inspired by him to keep painting and drawing. I grew up and graduated with a major in Biology. I did not take any art classes until later. I had a very special teacher, Nelly Ryvkin, who taught me how to make etchings, monotypes, as well as become better in perspective and color. I used to go with my friend inside the art classes at the University of Madrid, where we had the opportunity to draw with a nude model. Since then i have been painting on and off. I moved to the States after i married, and have been here since then. I paint as much as i can because i enjoy it. I actually joined a painting group in my town, and i have a chance to paint in plein aire.

You can check my artwork  or

I am also in facebook  Asuncion Purnell, Sunny creations

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