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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Check this out... exhibit opportunity for OOPS! group

ATTENTION OOPS MEMBERS: Check out this email I got from Becca Scott Reynolds from the Arts Council in Wayne County... sounds pretty cool... let me know if anyone can attend.

Hi Bernie,
I met with one of your member, Mitchell Morton, this summer and really enjoyed talking with him when I became the Gallery & Education Director for the Arts Council of Wayne County. I told him that I would love to keep you all in mind to have an exhibit with us, or to participate in an event we have, and that you would be the contact to talk about that. There is an opportunity coming up that I think would be great for the OOPS members! The ACWC is hosting a show called “reinCARnation” that will feature sculptures done by metal workers and welders, that will be made on site at an auto salvage yard. I would LOVE to invite the OOPS group to come and paint scenes from the salvage yard, and paint the teams while they work. The work days will be April 22-25 here in Goldsboro. We plan to have the event open to the public on April 25, and possibly April 24 as well, with live remote broadcasts from TV and radio. We plan to exhibit the sculptures (and your group’s paintings if you choose to participate) in July 2010 in the lower level gallery here. If several members from your group would commit to participating, we would love to work with you all!

Also, we have our Sunday in the Garden event in September of every year and that would be another great chance for the group to come and paint some really great scenes! This year it will be held in conjunction with the Smithsonians’ New Harmonies exhibit that celebrates American roots music!

If you have questions or would like to participate please email me ( or call me at 919-736-3300 (m-f 10-2) or 919-222-8566 (all other times)!!

Becca Scott Reynolds
Gallery & Education Director
Arts Council of Wayne County

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