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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Meet OOPS Artist... Bernie Rosage Jr.

my photo by Thomas Brock

Artist ~ Bernie Rosage Jr.

I appreciate the simple things in life. Many artists thrive with creativity in times of turmoil... I'm just the opposite... give me peace and harmony and the creative juices flow much easier... That is why I love working from life and enjoying nature. One of my favorite ways to paint is on location en plein aire... the French term literally translates in open air.

I love Plein Air painting because of the full EXPERIENCE... It fills all the senses for me. I also enjoy the challenges it presents due to changing conditions in my surroundings... it pushes me as an artist and forces me to capture the essence of the scene. I also like meeting people while I'm out painting in public... adding a more personal experience to the sitting. One of my favorite plein air experiences was painting at an old stone church in the Blue Ridge Mountains while a lone Scottish bagpiper played. My least favorite outing was when I was preoccupied by two alligators while painting at Greenfield Lake in Wilmington. I often paint with my artist buddy Olivia, my six year old daughter, who definitely steals the show when we are on a plein air outing together. The camaraderie I have found in this group of artists, OOPS!, will be a source of inspiration and admiration for me for years to come.

Olivia and Daddy plein air painting at Cedar Point. Check out the story of Olivia's first plein air outing here.

I'm a self-representing artist and have joined the ranks of the latest art movement... "A Painting a Day"... well... almost every day! I am completely self taught... except for "a little help from my friends"... my fellow artist friends that is.... who so generously share their thoughts and knowledge with me. We hang out much like the Impressionistic artists of old did in the caf├ęs of Paris... only in a cyberspace kind of way. I mainly work in oils and and have been painting seriously since January 2004.

I have attended many workshops with many great artists but would be amiss here not to mention my mentor, artist Larry Seiler. Larry has been an encouraging and educational force in my work not to mention a GREAT friend. He taught me the "art of seeing". I also glean from and study the masters... old and new. Some of my greatest influences are Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, John Singer Sargent, William Bouguereau, Nicholai Fechin, Amedeo Modgliani, Richard Schmid, Morgan Weistling, Mike Rooney, and Marc Hansen.

My wife, Tami, and I had the privilege of seeing the "Monet in Normandy" exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art in November 2006... seeing those 50 works by one of my favorite artists has been a major inspiration and motivating factor in my work ethic as I usually paint everyday.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it. As a self-representing artist, most of my paintings are for sale... be sure to visit my art links below...

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My Web Page
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My quote below sums up what plein air painting means to me...

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