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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finished works from OOPS artists' from "Paint Out #1" at the Pellitier House.

Here are the finished paintings from OOPS "Paint Out #1". The "Paint Out" was held in downtown Jacksonville at the Pelletier House near the waterfront giving our artists a variety of subject matter to paint from. This first event was a huge success and marks the beginning of a great opportunity for local plein air artists to fellowship and PAINT. Join us for "Paint Out #2" on November 11th.

Click on the paintings to view larger images...

Karen Crenshaw chose a view of the historical Pelletier House.

Mitchell Morton chose a view from the waterfront looking through the willows at the Old Bridge Street bridge.

Bernie Rosage Jr. also chose a view of the Pelletier House. This painting is available for purchase via eBay auction... Click here...

Stephen Greer actually found time to finish two paintings. The first is a painting of OOPS artist, Donna Graham, as she works on her painting. The second painting is of a tree looking toward Anne Street.

Donna Graham painted a beautiful weeping willow tree on the waterfront.

Michael Hart chose a view looking across the New River from the waterfront.

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timmi said...

These photos are GREAT!
Are these by Thomas Brock? And if so, can we use them for the story? We will give Thomas a photo credit, of course.

Thomas Brock said...

Timmi, though I'd love to take credit, I can't.

I think Bernie took these.

Great paintings, oh, how I wish for such abilities!


Bernie Rosage Jr. said...

Timmi... no credit needed... use them as needed. Thomas did all the portraits of the artists.

Thomas... great job I might add!