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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Meet OOPS Artist... Stephen Greer

photo by Thomas Brock
Artist ~ Stephen Greer
Artist's Statement...
I express myself drawing and painting. Depicting the North Carolina coast and doing candid sketches of people in public places provide the visual references used in creating abstract and realistic work. Patterns, colors, rhythms and their astounding abundance in the world fascinate me. Carrying a sketch book makes it possible to take advantage of these fleeting elements. Life and art engage me fully in the evolution of growing and learning.
More Info...
Ever since I can remember I have been making marks on something. Crayon drawings on walls, house paint on garage walls, chalk drawings on the street, ball point pen drawings on note book paper in history class- you name it. Encouraged by teachers, friends and family, I moved on to using a variety of art mediums and eventually settled into using acrylics exclusively. I participated in OOPS first outdoor painting event and I'm hooked. It was great to be involved with people pursuing a common interest! I have work at Art Escapes and Frames in Morehead City and Nicole's Studio and Gallery in Raleigh.

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