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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Meet OOPS Artist... Mitchell Morton

photo by Thomas Brock
Artist ~ Mitchell Morton
Born and bred in Onslow County! One of those rare people-finds! I began working in an artistic way as a young boy by carving my mother’s Ivory soap (recall the LARGE bars we used to get!). I continued to experiment over the years to develop my talent. I truly do not think we ever fully evolve to that final “place” to which we all aspire… I see it as a continuous journey in which we continue to quest with each passing day. My work is done in a variety of mediums – oils, acrylic, pastels, and mixed media. My first “en plein air” experience was in October ’07 – and it taught me to work very quickly due to the constantly changing light. Out of this comes the fact that you, most times, compete a painting in one, short sitting.
Visit my art blog at... River's Edge Studio


Cassidy said...

Hi Pappy!!!! I am very proud of you and all you are doing with your art.I have known of your amazing abilities with art for years, but am extatic that you are FINALLY showing it off. I love you. And I have no doubt in my mind Grandma Maggie would and is very proud of you also.

Cassidy said...

Hi Pappy!!!!...well I'm still the same ole Cassidy...except for I made a new account because I forgot my password to my old one...silly me.Well I hope all is well with you and all you do...especially art.If I didnt draw at a first grade level, you would be my inspiration for painting...but since I DO have a first grade drawing arent an inspiration...your only...THE BEST PAPPY EVER!!!!

Love you,
Cassidy. Rae.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchell,
I am so glad to have met you in Michael's. I look forward to painting with the group. I will be out of town for the meeting in October at the Octagon House, but I will keep checking for future meetings. At least I will be able to take this time to refamiliarize myself with my tools!
See you soon.